Is Lush is taking their ‘naked’ products a little too far?

I think my love for Lush has been well established at this point. I’ve only found a handful of products that I didn’t love immediately and I kind of love that they’re so eco-conscious. When they introducted their Naked Shower Gels I thought the idea was really cool, and less plastic ending up in landfills is always a good idea. The problem with these is that, since there’s no packaging, they dissolve really quickly if you leave them in the shower. I’m sure that Lush has come up with a solution to this problem, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of not having packaging? I feel like it might. I wonder the same thing about their shampoo bars and other “naked” products.

So now they’re about to release a naked stick foundation that they’re calling the Slap Stick. I think the name is pretty funny and I’m generally a fan of solid/stick foundations, so that’s cool. It’s also vegan, cruelty free and comes in 40 shades with warm, cool and neutral undertones. Great. Sounds like something the world needs.

I have some problems with it: firstly, foundation is generally sort of… sticky. If these don’t have packaging, what’s going to keep them clean and free of dirt, dust, pet hair, whatever? How are we supposed to travel with them? How long will they really last without being in some kind of packaging? They’re dipped in peelable wax so there’s something to hold on to while applying it, and Lush has said they’ll supply a recycled and recyclable cardboard box. Doesn’t that, again, defeat the purpose of not having packaging?

My second problem is that this product is full of oil. According to Cosmopolitan, the Slap Sticks will have 45% coconut oil and argan oil (they don’t say how much). Coconut oil is known to clog pores, but that’s not mentioned in the marketing for this product. They just emphasize the skin softening properties. I know that I’d have puberty level breakouts within minutes of putting this on my face, and I’m betting most people would. This is why most face products are oil free, except for cleansers that stay on for about 30 seconds.

Third, these are limited edition and only available in the UK. WTF Lush? Just because I don’t want them doesn’t mean other people don’t.

Last, and the thing that’s tied for the biggest reason why I wouldn’t purchase this product, is that Lush’s makeup is generally really poorly reviewed. Their bath and body products are amazing, as we all know, and I’ve really enjoyed all of the lip products I’ve tried, but the internet is rife with middling to bad reviews about their other makeup products. One of my favorite ones is from RachhLoves, because I adore her and think she’s funny. Lush has discontinued a lot of the products she tried, and really the only stuff that’s still available is the stuff she didn’t like, like the skin tints and mascara. They’re just not products I think would be beneficial to purchase.

So what do you think about Slap Sticks? Would you put this on your face?

Edit: Apparently these are also available in Australia but only online. I haven’t found where else they’re being offered but it definitely isn’t in the US at the moment.

9 thoughts on “Is Lush is taking their ‘naked’ products a little too far?

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  1. I think Lush’s naked products are great in theory (who doesn’t want to use less plastic?) but practically they’re not that good. I haven’t used any of their naked products before but I imagine they don’t last long like you mentioned the shower gels dissolve quickly.
    I can’t even imagine a naked stick foundation. Where are you supposed to keep it if you don’t buy the cardboard box?
    I don’t blame them for selling it in the UK only though. It might be a huge flop so it’s good to test it out in the UK before expanding worldwide.

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    1. I guess they’re selling this in Australia too, so I’m wondering why not the US.

      I don’t know if you’re required to buy the box… I know with the shampoo bars you can buy the tin, but would they make you purchase a cardboard box? That’s a good question.

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  2. Seems unsanitary or at least has the possibility of being so. Plus, the shape would make it hard to consistently know how much you are applying. I think it’s an odd product and coconut oil breaks me out like crazy too! Steering clear.

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    1. I don’t think it would be that unsanitary if you’re applying your makeup on clean skin. Maybe? I don’t know, I guess I didn’t really think about that. Also a lot of the people in their marketing campaign were using brushes. It seems a little more sanitary, assuming you clean your brushes pretty often. And you’re right about not knowing how much you’re using… these don’t look that big to begin with, so how much does it take to do a full face?

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      1. haha no matter how well I clean my home there is bound to be cat hair in weird places, even with short hair cats. I don’t want to add my foundation to one of those places haha!

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      2. I had cats growing up. I remember hair showing up in places where there was never a cat. Pets = hair. I guess these aren’t made for pet owners.

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