Greetings from my new apartment!

Hello internet friends!

I’m currently sitting in our new place in Albany! We arrived Friday evening, signed our lease and spent the entire weekend running errands and attempting to get our shit together somewhat so that Dan could have a functional home before we move the bulk of our stuff. I think we did pretty well actually… we’re sleeping on an air mattress but it’s shockingly comfortable. And it has sheets, so adulting win. Dan got our shiny new washer and dryer hooked up, the fish have settled into their new home, and we even started putting stuff in closets.

Dan started work today and he thinks he’s going to like this job, which is more than he said about his last place in Michigan. His schedule will be pretty good (for aviation) so I don’t have any complaints so far. The part I’m most excited for is the flight benefits, but I’m not really sure how that works yet.

I’m planning to head home Thursday for birthdays and events this weekend. I’m also planning to start packing in earnest so I’ll be ready to move for real in the next few weeks. I’m still overwhelmed by the amount we have left to do, but now I know Dan will be able to come home and help, and that makes it a little easier.

Even though I’m trying to move and I’m drowning in work I’m still planning some posts for this week, so there won’t be a lack of content from me. I hope you all enjoy the week ahead!


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