Awake Beauty

Tarte has had a rough few months. Between the Shape Tape shade debacle, the boring releases and the April Fool’s joke gone wrong, they’re struggling when it comes to PR. I generally like their products, but they’ve made some missteps.

Now they’re re-releasing their “sister brand”, Awake Beauty.


I don’t remember this brand ever being a thing before, but supposedly it has been around since the mid-90s in different packaging. I feel like if it’s stuff that was readily available I would have seen it somewhere, but whatever. It’s here now, and we should talk about it.


The range includes mainly skincare like serums and moisturizers, with two colors of lipstick and a beige eyeliner. The entire range is cruelty-free, vegan, and is supposed to have ingredients that are good for the skin to make us look more awake and radiant. It appears that radiant in this line does include some glitter, so just be aware of that. Also, the packaging is Millennial Pink, because of course it is.


I don’t know why I find this so annoying. Maybe because I don’t really get who their market is. The packaging is cute but a bit juvenile, as is the design of the website, which makes me think people in their late teens or early 20s would be their demographic, but the prices range between $16 for the lipsticks and eyeliner to $38 for the serums and eye creams. What teenager or college kid can afford that? And how many of them either need or want to buy serums? Aren’t those generally marketed to more mature people?

I like some of Tarte’s skincare, like their Frxxxtion Stick Exfoliating Cleanser and Maracuja Oil that’s awesome for my skin and hair in the winter. So if Tarte already has a skincare line, what’s the point of developing and re-releasing Awake Beauty? It seems a little silly to have two brands selling skincare. Maybe Tarte plans to phase out their skincare and focus their resources on revamping their cosmetics line? I don’t think that would be a terrible thing, but I will be sad if that stick cleanser is discontinued. It’s super convenient for travel and has come with me on many trips.

What do you think about the relaunch of this brand? Does it also seem superfluous to you? Do you plan to try anything from the range?


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  1. I also thought it was so weird that this brand has been around for so long but I’ve never heard anything about it. And the packaging really doesn’t match the price point, it kind if reminds me of colourpop but not affordable for the demographic

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    1. Oh, you’re right! I didn’t even see the packaging similarities until you mentioned it.

      I wish they’d give us more info about the brand. Where was it sold? When did they stop selling it?


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