Foundation for people who hate foundation?

Recently I’ve been all about reading PopSugar for makeup and beauty news. Some of it is terrible and PopSugar doesn’t have the best writers; they remind me a lot of C.S. Lewis in that they give the reader very little detail and we’re left to make the rest up on our own. Using my imagination is fine when reading mid-20th century YA fantasy/Christian allegory, but it’s not great when we’re talking about journalism or beauty stuff.

Moving on, the premise of this story is that the RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-up is the perfect product for people who don’t like foundation. Ok, I’m listening.

The story was written by a fitness model who isn’t into makeup, which is fine. We’re not all obsessive about it. She likes the product because it felt great going on her skin and it didn’t feel like she was wearing a ton of products. Awesome. It was also a perfect match for her skin and there aren’t any gross ingredients in the product, so she’s clearly a fan. She includes a photo but doesn’t specifically say that she’s wearing the product, and this chick has freaking perfect skin; is that the product or just her face?

Come on man, where’s the before and after? What about the product info? Is this a concealer or a foundation? There are only eight shades; is this something you need to have an exact match of or is it so sheer that you just need to be close? Will it cover zits? Does it emphasize texture? What kind of skin does this chick have?

To be fair I don’t know much about RMS Beauty except for what I’ve seen on YouTube, so it’s possible that I’m being a little overly inquisitive. I’m not sure where I can get the brand other than their website, and at this price point I’m wary about just purchasing online without being able to swatch, smell, you know the deal.

So long story short, I’m interested but I have questions. I also don’t mind most foundations but that’s another story.


2 thoughts on “Foundation for people who hate foundation?

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  1. I hate itttt when people post about products and don’t show me using them.
    Especially blog reviews. I don’t care about the website’s promo photos, show me the lipstick on a human pls.

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    1. Yes. I know that I’m occasionally guilty of this because I just hate taking photos of myself but I try to give other details. I really hate when they don’t mention how stuff smells. That’s a thing for me.

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