Happy Pride! Because my city is super weird

Pride weekend has finally arrived in my city and I couldn’t be more excited.


Why is it in July, you might ask. I once asked the President of our local Gay Alliance that same question, and he made a good point: we’re close to some pretty major cities with legendary Pride celebrations. Rather than competing with them, we’ll just wait and celebrate later. It’s fine I guess, but I’d like to have Pride during Pride month.


My #wifeforlife is landing in approximately 25 minutes and I’m so over the top excited. We have a bunch of plans and we’ll be running around in matching outfits because we’re extra. It’s rainbows everywhere this weekend.

We’re also going to attempt to be a little bit productive for Sarah’s upcoming (meaning nine months from now) wedding.

Really I’ll be happy if we just hang out at my mom’s (since I’m housesitting for a few weeks), petting the dog and watching terrible crime shows.

Who wouldn’t want to hang out with this handsome boy all weekend?

Only 10 more minutes until she lands!


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