beautyblender foundation: *sigh*

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that beautyblender launched a foundation. It’s vegan and (supposedly) full coverage, matte, long wearing and good for all skin types. It’s also exclusive to Sephora.

I have some thoughts. Because I’m me, and of course.

First of all, why are there 25 shades of light/medium, and 7 tan/deep shades?


According to the brand’s founder, her goal was to create foundations in all of the undertones in the medium to deep range. It makes me wonder what she thought when she looked at the final range; did she actually think “Mission accomplished!” I realize that making a foundation is a long and complex process, but it’s 2018. Even drugstore brands are doing a better job with shades than this. Shouldn’t anyone who wants to drop $40 on a foundation be able to find something that comes close to, if not perfectly matches, their skin?

Which leads me to my next issue: the price. If someone wants a “prestige” foundation, they have so many other (better?) options, most with better shade ranges. I’m thinking specifically of Fenty ($34), Huda Beauty ($40), Too Faced ($39), Smashbox ($36), Jouer ($38), the list goes on. How can they compete?

The last thing that annoys me is the packaging:


There are instructions to use this bottle. It’s supposed to be tilted at a 45-degree angle before pumping so that when it comes out, it ends up in the little reservoir thing and not all over the table or the clothing of the person attempting to use it. The reservoir is supposed to be a palette for using the foundation or mixing in oils or whatever. I like the concept I guess, but isn’t the bottle going to get really gross? Obviously, it’s supposed to be cleaned, but there are places for the gunk to go, like the little spot next to the opening. Imagine that getting clogged with foundation and face oil. Ew.

The whole product seems a little gimmicky to me. It’s a bit… extraneous. beautyblender makes some great products; why attempt color cosmetics instead of perfecting more tools? The foundation market feels saturated right now. It seems like every day another brand is coming out with a “revolutionary” new foundation with a totally inclusive shade range, and it’s a bit tiresome. I love foundation but I don’t want to talk about it all the damn time.

The folks at Glamour tested and reviewed this foundation, so if you’re curious give it a read.

What do you think about this? Are you going to try it?


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