Am I the only one who’s already tired of hearing about fall?

You all know that I watch a lot of YouTube. Like, A LOT. Especially when Dan isn’t here, and he’s in Philadelphia this week for work so it’s all YouTube, all the time. Primarily beauty “gurus”. I find them entertaining and many of them review things I’m into.

Except for right now. Holy. Shit. Why in the holy hell are all of these people so obsessed with fall?!

I get it. Fall is pretty. The break in the hot-as-balls weather is nice. But it hasn’t cooled off, even in Central New York, until a few days ago, and so many of these people live in places like Texas, California and Florida where they don’t actually have fall. In these places, fall is the season for pumpkin spice lattes (BLECH) and new clothes, not the inevitable slow slide into the depressing, gray days of winter.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “Omg, I’m so obsessed with fall” in the last couple weeks, I’d have… I don’t know, a shitload of money. We’re about three days into actual fall and I already want to scream.

I’m as excited to stop sweating as anyone, but I’m not exactly looking forward to freezing instead. And the rain. And the gray skies. I don’t even know where my leggings and boots are. Pumpkin spice is gross. No. I’m just not ready for this. If you want to talk about Halloween I’m there, but I’m creepy and in my world every day is Halloween. I keep skull décor around my house all year. It’s not a holiday, it’s a lifestyle. I’d like to hear some gurus talking about Halloween and hauntings; I’d be totally into hearing Emily Noel talk about serial killers or Leesha from xSparkage talk about poltergeists. That would be fun. But anything else fall related need to wait at least another week.

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