Halloween is gross, and so am I

We're one day from Halloween, my most favorite holiday of the entire year! I also like Christmas, but for completely different reasons. Have you ever noticed that gross things come out at Halloween? We decorate with bugs, bats, and brains, among lots of other weird, gross things. I can't even tell you how many Halloween... Continue Reading →

“I completely misread the situation. I was expecting a haunted inn.”

I talked a while ago about a podcast I love, Ghosts in the Burbs. This week’s installment is about a place I’ve been.

The introduction may be a little confusing if you’re not a regular listener; there are names in there that you likely haven’t heard before. But the couple in this story supposedly spend the night in a haunted location near my hometown. A location I’ve visited with some of my favorite ladies. It’s worth a read, and if you like it, maybe go back and read from the beginning. You won’t be disappointed.

ghosts in the burbs

hall-of-shadows“Are you hearing anything now?” Adam asked excitedly.

I told him I hadn’t and that I usually didn’t, that it was a rare occurrence as of late. It was a lie. As I’d watched the man and his fiancé walk through Quebrada’s front door Claire had cautioned, “Be careful with those two.”

The truth was that Claire had stuck around after that night in Smith and Wollensky’s when I’d broken the news of her freedom to the three witches who’d bound her in between. After that night she’d told me that there had been a chance to move on and her boyfriend had taken it but she had chosen to stay behind. She said Wellesley was just getting good and that I was just getting started.


The dead were speaking, but not very often and when they did it wasn’t all that informative or helpful. Claire’s voice rose above…

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Storytime: Rocky Horror and me

Dan and I are home this weekend, mostly for his youngest sister's wedding, but a good friend of mine, a member of the Gangsters, was also performing in a stage version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He's playing Eddie/Dr. Scott, and last night was opening night; I couldn't miss it. If you've never seen... Continue Reading →

Non-traditional baby gifts

I haven't talked much about this here, but I don't have children. I don't want children and never have. The thought of being responsible for the survival of a tiny, helpless tyrant on a full-time basis is basically my worst nightmare. As such, the Halloween season seems to be the ideal time to talk about... Continue Reading →

What are you afraid of?

One of my favorite things about Halloween is fear. Sounds weird right? We all experience some level of fear every day, whether it's about something relatively small like starting a new job, or something major like being diagnosed with a serious illness. My daily fears are things like being incapacitated by my cocktail of chronic... Continue Reading →

Speaking of horror…

What in the holy hell is happening with Deciem's founder? Let me back up: Deciem is the parent company of The Ordinary, the company that's proven that decent skincare doesn't need to cost an arm, a leg and our first born. Their most notable release was their foundation almost two years ago; with two coverage... Continue Reading →

Do you like scary movies?

Bonus points if you know which scary movie that line is from. I love scary movies. I can occasionally be a bit of a chicken, but for the most part, I like scary horror movies. Like, the kind of movie I can't watch at night because I'll have nightmares. Below you'll find a few of... Continue Reading →

Books I stick in the freezer

If you weren't alive in the 90s or were too young to stay up to watch Friends you won't get this reference. The rest of you can skip this next paragraph. Friends was an NBC show that aired on Thursday nights from the mid-90s to the early 00s. It's a situational comedy about six young adults living in... Continue Reading →

Creepy AF podcasts: Lore

I love podcasts. I'm now subscribed to more than 60 of them, and I listen basically all day, every day. While I'm working, while I'm driving, sometimes even when I'm in the shower. I know this is when normal people listen to music, but music doesn't keep my brain engaged. I zone out, and I... Continue Reading →

Halloween collections

There's been a lot of emphasis on and hype around holiday collections this year. Multiple brands were releasing their Christmas collections in late August or early September; not only is that WAY too early but it also ignores an extremely important makeup centric holiday. Seems kinda asinine to me, but not every brand has forsaken... Continue Reading →

I’ve waited 11 months for this

Get excited you creepy bitches, IT'S OCTOBER!! I'm pumped, can you tell? October means Halloween decorations, candy, ghosts stories, scary movies; basically the things I live for. I also have to make it home at least once this month, not only to see my family and friends but also to gorge myself on my mom's... Continue Reading →

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