I’ve waited 11 months for this

Get excited you creepy bitches, IT’S OCTOBER!!

I’m pumped, can you tell?

October means Halloween decorations, candy, ghosts stories, scary movies; basically the things I live for. I also have to make it home at least once this month, not only to see my family and friends but also to gorge myself on my mom’s spiced cider. She uses really good cider from our local grocery store (Wegmans. It’s amazing), lemon, cinnamon, honey, bourbon, and heaven knows what else. It’s so good I want to take a bath in it.

So this month will be all about creepy/Halloween things. Makeup releases, books, movies, ghost stories, basically anything and everything that reminds me of Halloween.

I’ll leave you with some of my new Halloween decorations from Target. I love them and they’ll likely hang out in my office all year.

If you’re curious: yes the candelabra is sparkly, it plugs into the wall but there’s no switch, and the cool flickery light bulbs are included. The skull is open at the bottom so you can put a battery powered tea light or something inside of it. The bottle is really cute but doesn’t open; it’s strictly for show.

I’m planning to hit some thrift/craft stores this week in search of more cute and creepy stuff, so follow me on Instagram to see more!

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