Paranormal storytime: I think my new place might be haunted

We’ve been living in this apartment for a few months now, and not to be alarmist, but I think it might be a tiny bit haunted. Not in a scary way, just in a “Huh, that’s odd” way.

We live north of Albany proper in a town called Cohoes, in the “downtown” area. It only comprises about three streets and it’s kind of blue-collar and industrial, but it’s cute. Many of the buildings were built between 1850 and 1900, and they’re working to restore and convert them into usable space. There’s an old church that became a wine bar, and some of the old warehouses are being converted into lofts. I can see some of these warehouses and luxury lofts out of my kitchen window.

The house where I live was built in 1920. It’s a 2500 square foot house, and that seems really big for the time so I’m guessing someone fancy lived here. It’s now a duplex, supposedly converted in the 90s, and Dan and I have the entire second floor. It’s a big apartment; we have two good sized bedrooms, a big kitchen, a big bathroom, and a “bonus room” that’s basically a storage closet with a window that’s being used as my office/makeup storage.

So why do I think it might be haunted?

Dan works a lot of nights, and while he’s gone I sometimes hear things. Small noises, like things moving in the kitchen. I hear things sliding and rustling when there’s no breeze and no reason for things to be moving. Small things have temporarily gone missing and reappeared in a place I didn’t put them. Sometimes I also hear noises on the stairs up to our door; we have downstairs neighbors and we all share an entryway, but they’re antisocial and barely acknowledge our existence, so I know they’re not coming up here. It sounds like someone comes halfway up the stairs and stays there; they don’t come all the way up and don’t go back down. I’ve also heard weird knocking that doesn’t seem to be coming from outside or from downstairs.

Sometimes I feel things; when I’m home alone I occasionally get the feeling that someone else is here, almost like I’m going to walk into the kitchen and see Dan. I know he’s not here, but there’s that energy of someone else being in the house. Occasionally I wake up to that feeling and it’s a little off-putting, but I’ve never felt threatened or scared. It’s just strange.

I’ve told Dan about this and he thinks I’m being overly dramatic, or that all of the creepy things I watch have infiltrated my brain. I won’t say it’s impossible; I do watch, listen to and read basically all of the creepy things, but I don’t think that it’s just my imagination. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. The more time we spend in this apartment the more likely it is that, if there is something here, it’ll make itself known.

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  1. Ooohh girl, I wish you could come here! Our home: the bulk of it (the entire living room and half of the upstairs) was an old cabin built in 1887. When I first moved in around 9 years ago, things were….. strong to say the least. I was home alone almost everyday while my husband was at work. We have these semi-see thru shades on our living room window & almost daily, at the same time, I would hear footsteps on the front porch and VERY clearly see a figure pass in front of that window. It would be SO clear & certain that I opened the door and checked to see why my husband was doing. This happened over and over again until I got used to it and quit checking to see who was outside, then that stopped. But other things would happen. I saw a dark shadow maybe twice. Like you, small things go missing when I know damn good and well exactly where I left them. It happens so often that I’m either flat out losing my mind or it’s something else. One thing that happens most are the sounds, and I don’t mean creaks and rustles. I mean, example: a couple momths ago, while my husband was at work, I decided to take a nap. I was at that in-between stage where I was basically asleep but still conscious when I heard heavy footsteps that sounded exactly like my husband’s work boots on our wooden floor coming from the direction of our bedroom and up behind me. I figured my husband had came home and I just didn’t notice. The footsteps walked right up to where my head was on the couch and stopped suddenly. I don’t know why, but it made me jerk straight up and look. Nothing.
    Far too often, I feel I’m not alone. I know EXACTLY what you mean when you say that there is an energy of someone else being there. As a matter of fact, that place on the couch where the boots walked up to me is “my spot”, and I constantly feel like someone is staring holes through the back of my head (from where the footsteps CAME from when they walked toward me). The creepy thing is what is directly behind me is our bedroom door. That’s where it feels like someone is staring from, and that’s where the footsteps came from.
    I had planned on writing about this as a blog post and here I’m spilling it all out here 😂

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      1. Um, yes please! Or I’ll just give you the info to look up 😂
        I love doing research to but I always fail miserably. Just like with my genealogy. The grandmother of my first boyfriend studied it and does me that Robert E. Lee was in my line on my mom’s side. This really piqued my interest, so I started a little project but got no where. I just never really know WHERE to look for info.
        My dad just bought a place, also built in the 1880s, and we just witnessed our first odd little incident…
        My husband and I have been remodeling it for him. Well we were all there the other day working, me, hubs, dad & his girlfriend. It’s a huge old house and some of the furniture had been left in the upstairs bedrooms. Dad asks me, “We’re you and Mike sitting on that bench in that bedroom at the top of the stairs?” I told him we hadn’t even been up there in over a week and he looked at me like I was lying. I was confused, so I pressed. He told me to go look….
        Upstairs, in the largest bedroom of the house, theres this old foot bench. I look and see where it appeared 2 people had been sitting on it and had left very clear butt and leg marks in the thick layer of dust that had previously covered the entire seat. It looked like someone had sat there very recently because no dust had even began to accumulate on those spots yet.
        I have a little more info on that home. I know that my grandmother’s family built the house. I’m not sure who exactly, I just know it was built by Goodalls, and that was my grandmother’s maiden name and the house is in the area of some of her relatives. I don’t believe they lived there, just built it for the owner. So now, we have to homes over 100 years old in the family; hoping for some more stories soon. 😁

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      1. I even have stories from my childhood home which was built when I was 2 years old. But, my mom passed away there AND it’s been other people that have witnessed stuff, especially what would be her grandkids. Never anything but good and loving things there… example: we had turned my mom’s old bedroom into a playroom for them, and when my niece was maybe 4 years old she was back there by herself so my sister went to check on her. I saw my sister in the hallway with her hands over her mouth crying so I went back to check on her. My niece was just staring into space in the middle of the room. I tried to ask my sister what was going on but she wouldn’t answer me. So I asked my niece and she said, “There’s an angel right there.” Things also happened with my son, but this will be a mile long if I go into that.

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