Speaking of horror…

What in the holy hell is happening with Deciem’s founder?

Let me back up: Deciem is the parent company of The Ordinary, the company that’s proven that decent skincare doesn’t need to cost an arm, a leg and our first born. Their most notable release was their foundation almost two years ago; with two coverage levels in 21 shades each, it was revolutionary for the time. It’s also less than $7. A decent drugstore foundation costs more than that.

The founder, Brandon Truaxe, has been embroiled in scandal for as long as I’ve known about the brand. His behavior is erratic at best, and this year he decided to fire the entire marketing team and take over Deciem’s Instagram account, vowing to answer every question himself. That he thought that was even possible is indicative of his connection to reality, but it got worse; rumors of misogyny swirled while he abused other brands, accusing them of ripping people off, using sub-par ingredients, racism, bigotry, the works. He also fired his entire U.S. staff, claiming that they were no longer needed. If you’d like an in-depth timeline of the madness, Kristina Rodulfo at Elle has been kind enough to compile one for us.

But the drama isn’t over yet – today Truaxe announced that he’d be shutting down Deciem operations indefinitely due to “major criminal activity”. The announcement was made in a series of nonsensical Instagram videos, with, frankly, insane captions. In one of the posts, he goes after everyone from Estee Lauder, who made a minority investment in the company in 2017, to Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, and Stephen Spielberg. I’m not sure what all of those people have to do with each other, but you can find his insanity on Instagram, or read a condensed version.

Overall I don’t know how I feel about this. The internet creamed itself for The Ordinary foundation, but I hated it; I tried several shades of the “full coverage” version and they were so orange. I have neutral undertones so that almost never happens. It wasn’t even medium coverage, and it couldn’t hold up to my oily skin. I’ve liked the few serums I’ve tried, and I appreciate how inexpensive they are, but I don’t know that I can continue to support them, even after they come back from this hiatus. I mean, this dude needs actual help. I also don’t think it’s necessary for brand owners/founders to talk shit about each other all the time. It’s juvenile, and the products should be able to speak for themselves. He doesn’t need to rag on Drunk Elephant to make his company look better; they cater to entirely different demographics.

I’m interested to see what’s going to happen from here, but it’s more like watching a trainwreck than eagerly anticipating the return of Truaxe or his brand.

What are your thoughts about this? Have you tried anything from The Ordinary that you love?

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