Election Day 2018 and a MAC wishlist

I don’t really get political in my blog posts.

Despite what day today is, that’s not going to change. Sorry, not sorry.

As much as I like debating policy and having engaging, interesting discussions with people about our views, that kind of thing has become really difficult over the past few years. I know what I believe and why I think it’s right, but I still enjoy hearing other people’s perspectives. I had a chat with a good friend this morning (hi Brain) about who’s running for office at home in Rochester and why he chose to vote the way he did. Neither of us was looking to change the other’s mind, but because we’ve had very different life experiences we naturally see things differently. We have a lot of common beliefs, like racism/sexism/other -isms are bad, equality is good, and LGBTQA+ people are, in fact, human, but beyond that, we’re concerned about different things.

So now I sit here, waiting for the results to roll in and stressing the fuck out. I know it’ll be hours before most of the races I care about are called, but I’ve been wound as tightly as a spring today.

So I’m engaging in my favorite stress-relieving activity: shopping for makeup.

To be clear, I’m not actually purchasing anything; it’s too close to Christmas for that, and since my mother starts her Christmas shopping the day after Halloween, none of the kids are allowed to buy themselves anything from then until Christmas. No, I’m not joking. The woman is extra in the best possible way when it comes to Christmas.

So when I can’t buy, I add things to my wishlist.

MAC Cosmetics

I have an embarrassing confession to make: I don’t own much MAC. Really it’s just Fix+, one of the holiday highlighters¬†(because the Beauty News ladies made me get it) and a lipstick in Lustering. That’s it. Can I even call myself a makeup lover if I don’t have an entire Alex drawer system devoted solely to MAC? I think not.

I don’t have much experience when it comes to MAC lipstick, and I need another lipstick like a need a hole in the head; did you know that the average woman owns five lipsticks? There are more than that currently lost in the abyss of my purse. That’s not going to stop me from wanting them though.

Shiny Pretty Things: Mini Nudes – omg how cute are these?! Their whole 2018 holiday collection is adorable, but this is the only lipstick set I really want.


MAC Girls Pretty Punk lipstick in Black Night – I hate myself for wanting this. I know I’ll never wear this near-black sparkly lipstick, and the whole MAC Girls collection is demeaning in more ways than I can count… but I love it. The packaging is awesome, and I want to be the kind of punk chick who can rock a super dark lip like it’s NBD. Makeup is about aspirations, after all… right? RIGHT?!


The rest of the stuff I’ve got my eye on is from newer collections, and a few old favorites.

Shiny Pretty Things Face Compact in Deep – I’m really curious about MAC face powders, and what better way to try a few things than to get a palette? And yes, I know that my skin tone isn’t deep, but the colors in the fair face palette are boring and made for very fair skin, which I don’t have.

Patrick Starrr Oh No She Beta Don’t Set – I’m not really a Patrick Starr fan, but the colors in this set appeal to me, and again, it’s a good way to try their liquid lipstick and eyeshadow formulas. Ok, I can’t lie, I also like that his signature looks like a dick. I’m a child, I know.


Nicopanda Brush Bag – A Macy’s exclusive and another just plain adorable product. Doesn’t everyone want panda makeup brushes?


Pro Longwear Paint Pot – Is there anyone on YouTube or Instagram who hasn’t talked about this product at least once? It’s another one of those things that I feel like I have to try and love or I’m a fraud. They’ll come for my makeup blogger/lover card.

Burgundy x 9 Eyeshadow Palette – Do I have other eyeshadows that look like this? Yes. Do I want it anyway? Absolutely. It’s a classic, and while I may have similar colors, I don’t have them all in one convenient place to take with on all of my upcoming trips. Sure, there’s no mirror, but I have face palettes for that, and Christmas isn’t about things I need. It’s about things I want. Yeah.


Pro Longwear Foundation – I know for sure that this is going to be the best foundation formula for my skin type, the kind of coverage and finish I like, and the lasting power I need. What I have no freaking clue about is my shade; I know we all want our very pale and very dark sisters and brothers to have shades available, but does there have to be 3000 shades with 15 undertones? I’m normally pretty good at choosing my own shade, even online, but this is damn near impossible. I know I’m going to have to go to a MAC counter to get shade matched, but I really just don’t want to. It’s so intimidating, and I’ve heard so many horror stories about snotty MAC counter girls. Ulta doesn’t carry this product, so braving the wilds of the Crossgates Mall in Albany is my only option. Pray for me friends.

What are your favorites from MAC? Any ride or die products I need to try?

4 thoughts on “Election Day 2018 and a MAC wishlist

Add yours

    1. The Amazon wish list is my savior. At this point, I’ve learned to divide it into different categories, like books, frivolous toys, and knick-knacks, things for my house, clothes, jewelry… my mom has me well trained.

      I shop all year too, but it’s really only if I see something that reminds me of someone. Though I usually end up getting super excited and giving it to the recipient early so I guess I’m really bad at it.


      1. Wow. That’s some pretty serious organization.

        Incidentally, a good friend of mine designed an app that might come in handy for you. It’s called GiftGiver and the developer is Rebecca Bello. It links to your phone contacts and calendar and junk, and you can keep track of gift ideas and purchases. I don’t know if there’s anything else out there like it because I’m a fundamentally disorganized person, but it is pretty cool.


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