Review: It’s Skin Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Cream

Wow, I can’t believe I’m writing an actual review. It’s been a minute.

So, I’ve been using this moisturizer for a few weeks, and I have some thoughts.

First and foremost is the thought that I often have when using Asian beauty products: how in the hell do companies there make such good products so cheaply?! Right now I’m getting most of my K-beauty items from Hush. They have a pretty massive selection and free shipping if I use the app, so I’ve been trying some new stuff. I haven’t disappointed.

Pros: The packaging feels really nice and far more expensive than I expected for a $16 moisturizer. The jar is heavy frosted glass with the name of the product and some stuff in Korean embossed on it, and the top is sturdy plastic. I just took this with me to Florida, and it survived the trip home in my soft-sided checked bag, even though it went on an epic adventure for an extra day without me.


It’s a gel consistency that works really well for my skin type, and I don’t need to use a lot to get rid of that tight, parched feeling in my face. It doesn’t make my skin extra greasy like heavier moisturizers, and it smells really good.


Cons: I like the way it smells, but it’s heavily scented so people with sensitive skin may not be able to use it. I don’t think it’s heavy enough for me to use as a winter moisturizer since I’m starting to get some dryness around my mouth. The biggest con for me is the fact that all of the writing is in Korean so I can’t read the ingredients. I’m sure I can find out what’s in it, but I wish there was English on the packaging somewhere.

Overall I really like this product, and I think I’ll keep it for my summer skincare routine.


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