Holiday anti-haul: drugstore edition

Am I too late in the Christmas season to talk about products I don’t want? Yes? Oh well, you’re getting another anti-haul anyway.

I know that I talked about some inexpensive products in my Ulta anti-haul, but there’s more drugstore stuff that’s been released that I feel personally victimized by. Mostly because they’re pointless, gimmicky and/or juvenile. And when I say drugstore, I’m including things like Colourpop and Morphe that can’t actually be purchased in drugstores but are at the same price point as brands like Revlon and Maybelline.

Speaking of Morphe…

The James Charles palette

I don’t have a problem with Morphe on a fundamental level like so many other people do. Yes, they did some shady shit for sales, but what company doesn’t? I blame the influencers who went along with their gross tactics. It’s because of them that now we feel like we can’t trust anyone on the internet when they tell us they enjoyed a product. Some of their palettes are really boring but I like them for super basic, wearable looks because I don’t have to put a lot of thought into my looks. I thought they were making some progress when they released the 35M Boss Mood palette, which I purchased and very much enjoy.

And then they give us this. No. Just no. Why is this a thing? Why is everyone losing their shit about this?

Ok, the colors he chose are pretty, but this looks so much like the 39A that was released last year that it’s almost anti-climactic. Sure, some of the colors are different, but there isn’t enough of a difference for me to not think of one when I look at the other.

Also… James Charles is exhausting. I get that everyone on YT needs some kind of weird catchphrase, but how many times does he need to say “sister” in one video? I don’t have anything against him personally; he’s just extremely young and annoying. I might watch  him when he grows up a little.

For any James Charles “stans” (wtf does that even mean omg I’m so old hold on while I crawl in a hole), this isn’t the only Morphe product I’m not into. They also just released Metallic Heat liquid eye shadows that I have zero interest in because metallic liquid shadows sound like a bad time.

NYX Holiday collection

To be totally honest, I’m not sure what the actual name of this collection is. I’ve just been calling it the Candy Land collection, because it’s all pastels and candy and sweet, fluffy bullshit. I’m so not into it. It’s way too cutesy and juvenile for me, and it’s full of glitter. Like, all of the glitter. It should come as a shock to no one that this collection is already deeply discounted on Ulta’s website.

L’Oreal Chromatic Bronze

What even is this collection? There are three products: a face palette, a lip topper and a loose pigment. I’m not sure why this is necessary or how these products even go together other than being generically sparkly and overpriced, and I have to wonder who’s even buying them.

Sleek gift sets

Yes, all of them.

I’ve been burned by Sleek in the past and allowed them to lure me into buying their stuff because it was so reasonably priced, but it turned out to be kind of terrible. The eyeshadow palettes in these sets are tiny, like so small I couldn’t use a normal sized brush with the one I had. Also the other products aren’t good; the liquid lips are very thick and hard to apply, and make my lips feel like the Sahara after less than an hour. The mascaras I’ve received in these sets are always slightly gooey and create an unpleasant spider look to my lashes. The bags feel cheap. It’s just not a good investment, even for $5.

Aveeno peel off masks

I like Aveeno as a brand. They make great, basic skincare that isn’t full of dyes and perfumes, and I’ve never had a complaint about any of the products I’ve tried. They’re not a very exciting or innovative brand, but they’re reliable, and to me that’s more important.

Occasionally though, they attempt to keep up with trends, and that’s when we get things like these masks. I’m sure they’re fine, but fine isn’t really what I’ve come to expect from Aveeno. Since they don’t really do masks I’m wondering why they went the peel off route since there’s some doubt over whether or not peel off masks are actually good for skin beyond providing mild exfoliation and the satisfaction of peeling something off your face. When I spend money on and use a mask I expect it to have some longer term benefits than just hydrating or making my skin look good for that day, so I dislike peel off masks on principle.

Wet ‘n Wild brush set

One of these brush sets comes out every year, usually as a Walgreens/Duane Reed exclusive, and while I like Wet ‘n Wild’s brushes, none of these sets has ever appealed to me. They contain a lot of brushes that I don’t need and wouldn’t use, and the loss of those brushes makes the $30 price tag less of a deal. There’s usually a week or so when the sets go on sale for half price, which makes it slightly more tempting, but I haven’t pulled the trigger. I can see this being a really nice set for someone who doesn’t already have dozens of brushes, but that’s not me.

e.l.f. 100 Color Eyeshadow palette

I don’t understand why this is a thing. How is it possible that elf can offer 100 eyeshadows for $15 without the entire palette being garbage? I’m really not convinced that they can, even if the pans are tiny. Makeup Revolution/Revolution Beauty just released a similar palette that the girls at Beauty News destroyed, and the verdict was that it was garbage. Powdery, gritty, not very pigmented garbage. Sure, there are half the shades for approximately the same price, but when you’re talking about a palette this massive, does it really matter? Also, where in the hell would you even store it?

Maybelline The Matte Bar Eyeshadow palette

Another warm matte palette. How exciting.

This one also has oddly shaped pans and lots of wasted space between the shades. I think I’ll pass.

Honorable mention for this “no thanks” list, is the Maybelline Mini Mascara Holiday kit, which includes four different mini Maybelline black mascaras. There’s one mini in the classic Great Lash, plus Total Temptation, Lash Sensational, and Colossal. I typically like packs of mini mascaras since I never go through a whole full size, but I don’t want this many from the same brand all in the same color. Nice try Maybelline.

I hope you all had an excellent Christmas/Hanukkah/non-denominational winter solstice celebration! I promise that this will be my last anti-haul for awhile, or until there’s a flood of new stuff that I hate.

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