I missed a pretty important piece of news yesterday

Morphe is releasing a foundation later this month. In 60 shades. SIXTY. SHADES. OF FOUNDATION. 

They’re calling it Fluidity Foundation and it’s supposed to be matte and full coverage with 24-hour transfer and water resistant wear for all skin types. And it’s $18.

Um. Wut. I don’t understand. Am I dreaming? This is like everything I’ve ever wanted in a foundation.

I’ve only seen a few marketing images, but their Instagram announcement talked about the five influencers that represent the range, and it goes from very pale, like almost white, to very deep. They’re also representing a range of undertones: warm, cool, neutral and olive.


I don’t understand how a brand who releases eyeshadow palettes with 35 shades of brown thought of this, but I’m interested.

According to Allure, they’re also releasing 31 shades of Fluidity Concealer for $9 each, 15 shades of pressed Finishing Powder for $12, a Brush Sponge Trio with two brushes and a blending sponge (don’t they already sell this?), and two primers: The Equalizer for normal/oily skin and The Revitalizer for normal/dry skin, each $12.

I’m very interested. I generally like the brand despite their previous shady behavior and my occasional cracks about their palettes. Believe it or not, I own a bunch of them and use them on the regular. I’m hopeful that this isn’t one of those “if it seems to good to be true it likely is” situations.

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