It’s just a powder dude

A couple weeks ago I received an email from Beautylish about a new release from Sulwhasoo. I was vaguely aware of the brand; I know it’s a Korean prestige brand that has skincare and some makeup. It’a really bougie and totally out of my price range for skin care, so I’ve never really paid attention to it before.

This email piqued my interest though; the brand was releasing these face powders in utterly stunning packaging. Like over the top nice. It’s the kind of product that I would absolutely buy because of the packaging. Obviously, I clicked the ad in the email intending to purchase one, or both, of these powders.

screenshot 2018-12-18 18.54.32

Then I looked at the price…

And almost died.

screenshot 2018-12-18 18.55.03

It’s HOW MUCH?! Ok, that must be for both, which is insane, but not as bad.

No, that’s each.


What in the holy hell could make these worth $180 EACH?

Once I picked my jaw up off of the floor, that’s what I tried to figure out. One is a blush/highlighter, and the other is a translucent setting powder. Both have quality Korean skincare ingredients, supposedly. Oh, and the gorgeous compact is handmade with some ancient Korean metalworking technique. There’s our answer I guess.

screenshot 2018-12-18 18.54.41

My question is: why?

Yes, it’s extremely pretty. Yes. it would look amazing sitting on my desk or vanity as a display piece. But it doesn’t seem like you can even get product refills for it. For that kind of money, you’d think they’d give us the option to keep using it indefinitely. I don’t think I’d even use the product; I’d tell myself to save it for a special occasion because it’s way too fancy for everyday use. So I’d essentially be spending a pile of money for a pretty thing to sit on my desk.

Not that I’m above that, and for half the price I’d seriously consider it. I just think that if I’m going to spend a large amount of money on a pretty makeup thing, it should be a special makeup thing and not just a pretty compact. Like, it should be some kind of magical powder that blurs my pores and makes me look 25 or a highlighter that also does my dishes.

Oh, and because Beautylish is super helpful, they’re offering three Flexible Payments of $60 each. Thanks, Beautylish.

Would you spend this kind of money for a compact? Am I just being lame?

13 thoughts on “It’s just a powder dude

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  1. Um, I’m an Avon lady for a reason – I want quality products for affordable prices, then another discount on top of that, please. That’s positively outrageous…and I’m sure they’ll sell loads of them to their target market. Oof.

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  2. The can looks super pretty. I’m sure if I needed the can I’d buy it, for that price even. But then again, I’m sure I could buy a similar can from somewhere else, and without that dinky powder in there I’d have to use and afterwards wash the dregs off.

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  3. I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on any one makeup or skin care item. That’s just too much. Even if I had the money, it’s a ridiculous buy.

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