Holy shit…

Brandon Truaxe died.

A few months ago he was the center of attention due to his erratic behavior and his odd posts on the Deciem’s social media. This behavior, including his attempt to completely shut down the company, led to minority shareholders Estee Lauder having him removed as CEO in October by order of a judge. The whole thing was strange and messy, and he’d gotten to the point where he was claiming that serious financial crimes have been committed, though none of that has been proven.

And now he’s dead.

None of the stories I’ve read have cited a cause of death, but the most recent posts on his personal Instagram were odd videos of him drinking alone in his apartment. In the past, he denied any mental health issues but it’s not a hard conclusion to come to based on his recent and very public meltdowns. He admitted to drug use, and since substance abuse is often linked to mental health so…

At this point, it’s all speculation since the story only broke a few hours ago. It’s extremely sad, whatever his faults. I hope that in death he finds the peace that eluded him in life.

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