Instagram is down…OH THE HUMANITY

At this point, I’m sure you all know that Facebook and Instagram have had MAJOR issues all day long. I saw some post this morning claiming that Facebook was down for “scheduled maintenance”, but in the tech world that actually means “oh shit guys, we fucked something sideways”.

So, who else feels like they lost a limb?

Am I the only one who finds that troubling?

Not to be one of those “kids these days and their media socials”, but I do find it concerning that so many of us rely on it so much. Myself included, obviously, since I use social media to market myself. It’s the way things are done now, and someday that may change, but on days like today when I can’t post or check my Instagram, it is a little concerning.

It’s also kind of nice. I did other things today, like read a book and planned some posts and reached out to some brands. Whoa. Who would have thought that I’d have more time to do things when I wasn’t obsessively checking my followers or getting into fights with idiots on Facebook?

So good job ruining our day Zuck, but take your time getting your shit together.

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