Kat Von D wants to set the record straight -9 months late

This week Kat Von D uploaded a video to her YouTube channel in which she addressed the assertions that she’s not only anti-vax but also anti-semitic/pro-Nazi. This video comes nine months after the disastrous, much publicized and now deleted Instagram post in which she attempted to garner sympathy for how hard it is to be a vegan on the internet who doesn’t intend to vaccinate her child.

The beginning of the video involves Kat explaining the origins of the whole Nazi thing. Apparently, when she was hired for Miami Ink, there was a male cast member who treated her terribly, eventually escalating his harassment to full-on sexual assault. I’d be a hypocrite not to believe her, or to ask why it’s taken so long for her to talk about. I can’t believe some survivors and not others because I don’t like them. She also says that this male cast member was so enraged by her being offered her own show in LA that he took one of her headshots, forged an anti-semitic message, and took it to the network, encouraging them to cancel the show. She also claims that the network knew it was forged, and that’s why they went forward with her show.

I don’t remember when this went down, but I can’t find anything on the internet indicating that the network came out in support of her, or called out this dude for forging her signature or anything. They said there was “insufficient evidence” to condemn her, but that’s not exactly a ringing endorsement. I do know that Kat has been tied to at least one Nazi sympathizer in dating Jesse James, who’s been photographed doing Nazi salutes and wearing clothing associated with Nazis. Her husband also has a Swastika tattoo, claiming that he likes the pre-Reich religious symbolism. That may be true, but bro, when you’ve got a Swastika on your neck, people are going to ask questions.

Secondly, she addresses being anti-vax. In her Instagram post in June, she stated very plainly that they had “ditched their doctor” and decided not to vaccinate their child. In this video, she says that she’s a nervous first-time mom, and she researches everything that goes in or on her baby. This makes sense to me. What doesn’t make sense is that her initial motherly instinct was to ignore her doctor, who presumably has at least a decade of education and experience (because that’s how long it takes to be a doctor), in favor of information on the internet. I have to wonder where she even got her information since there aren’t any reputable organizations (meaning FDC, CDC, WHO, etc.) that back up the anti-vax perspective. There are plenty of blogs and obviously biased websites though.

I watched the video, even though Kat Von D, in general, pisses me off, and through the whole thing she seemed really… detached. She wasn’t Laura Lee level fake emotional, thank the gods, but she didn’t display much emotion at all. She stated multiple times that these things were hurtful and difficult for her to talk about, but it didn’t seem that way. Her demeanor was just kind of odd.

I also find the timing interesting.

Over the last few months, her beauty releases have basically flopped. Her holiday palettes were fine, sort of in line with previous years, but they sat around for months. They ended up going on clearance at Sephora before the holiday season even ended, and they still couldn’t sell them. The brand has released other products since this controversy started, but I have no idea what most of them are because none of the YouTubers or bloggers I support have supported her for months.

And now, she’s releasing more new products. The mildly boring Vegan Love palette and some new liners have just launched at Sephora to mixed reviews, and I have to wonder if she’s concerned about the longevity of her brand. It wasn’t long ago that her brand occupied some major real estate in Sephora stores, and the last time I visited one (admittedly it was in Florida, but still) I struggled to find her section, and the only stuff that was well stocked were the base products and the liquid lipsticks. I was surprised since Kat Von D Beauty is owned by the same parent company as Sephora, Kendo Brands. I know it’s a high volume store in an area with a lot of middle-aged or older people who aren’t KVD’s target demographic so maybe that’s why, but I couldn’t help but wonder.

I talked about this whole thing when it first went down, and my opinion of Kat as a human hasn’t changed. I don’t like her. She’s terrible and annoying and because she’s so involved with her brand it’s impossible to separate it from her as a person. I mean, it’s basically an extension of her personality. I will admit that I used the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick I received in my Boxycharm over the summer and I liked it a lot. I also like the colors (but not the name) of the Lolita products. But there isn’t anything else in the brand’s range that I want or that interests me in any way. So, this video really did nothing for me, other than make me wonder why she’s addressing these things after so much time.

Have you watched the video? If so, has your opinion changed?

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  1. I didn’t watch the video but I’m not really interested in what she has to say. 9 months is way too late to be addressing everything. I’m actually glad to see her brand flopping right now as it shows that people DO care about things like vaccines and are willing to stop supporting a person/brand who “researches” on the internet instead of trusting a doctor. It’s people like her who have brought back diseases like measles to Canada and other places….

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    1. YES. This exactly. There was just a measles outbreak near my hometown in upstate NY, and it was a direct result of unvaccinated kids. It’s just irresponsible. I get that some kids can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons, but any kid who can be vaccinated should be. It’s a public health thing, not a personal choice thing.

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      1. Exactly, and not vaccinating for stupid reasons endangers people who would vaccinate but can’t because their immune systems are compromised and things like that. I was reading that anti-vaxers are now the #1 risk to public health. There should be legislation around it…

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      2. It’s coming. There are a couple states prepping legislation to make it a thing, and I hope NY is one of them. I don’t think it’ll be addressed at the Federal level under the current administration and their incessant pandering to the super religious minority.


      3. I hope Canada follows suit. The outbreaks are spreading as people travel, it’s not good.
        Yeah… probably not. Hopefully it starts happening throughout the different states though 😦


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