OOTD: Ask me about my feminist agenda

I took today off because I really needed some downtime. Also, my current landlord’s realtor needed to be in my house with the new owners, so I figured why not venture out to my new favorite coffee shop. I was planning to get some ideas together for a new project I’ve been thinking about, but instead, here I am. Blagging about my outfit.


Now, I had planned to do a “no makeup” MOTD to show y’all what I look like when I actually leave the house, but the aforementioned realtor showed up 20 minutes early so that was out the window. I barely had time to put clothes on before she got the door open with her damn magic realtor key. I did my hair, but no brows, no lips, nothing.

I’m not at all bitter. Anyway.

Because I had to get dressed in a hurry, I grabbed the first thing I could put my hands on, and it happened to be my new t-shirt from Zulily. If you’ve never heard of this site, it’s like the dumping ground for big retailers to sell off old stock at a discount, and I love it. Shipping sometimes takes FOR-EV-ER, but when I’m getting MAC products for half price I’m not going to complain.

In addition to having beauty brands, sometimes there are cute, fun clothes like graphic tees, and the one I got recently just happens to say “Ask me about my feminist agenda.”


Obviously, I really love it, and since that’s the whole point of my clothing I didn’t think much about wearing it out in the world. Especially since I knew I’d be heading to Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary in Albany, NY, an adorable coffee shop run by badass tattooed women. And some dudes, but mostly women. I was pretty confident that they’d have the same feminist agenda that I do.

What I didn’t expect was the number of middle-aged businessmen in the cafe when I got there. It was mid-day on a Thursday, and I was expecting other creative types with weird schedules, or maybe some college students. Instead, I got men making very important phone calls on their AirPods about ROI and social media marketing strategy so that everyone in the vicinity knows how very busy and important they are. I kind of wanted to punch them, and that was before like half of them decided to give me the stink eye.

That’s correct, dear reader. A bunch of grown ass dudes were giving me passive-aggressive death glares in a coffee shop for wearing a shirt about feminism. None of them asked me about it or attempted to engage me in conversation about why I have a feminist agenda or why I felt the need to state it in neon letters on my clothing; they just decided to get their panties in a twist and gripe about it in their heads. I mean, I assume that’s what was happening, based on the way their faces were puckered in my general direction. Body language is important folks.

The moral of the story: I’m so good at pissing people off that I occasionally do it without trying. Oh, and that clearly we still need feminism because a dozen dudes old enough to be my dad under the wrong circumstances were butthurt by the word feminism, so they likely don’t understand or agree with its ideals.

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