Review: Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfecting Exfoliating Treatment


Ahem. Anyway.

Around Christmas, I purchased the Perfect Skin Bundle from this company that includes the Exfoliating Treatment and the Porefining Face Mask. It was on sale so I got both pieces for $55, which is still INSANE, to be clear, but at the time I was out of my mind and somehow convinced myself that it was a deal and totally worth it.

Some of the claims of the exfoliator:

Absorb oil and refine those pores

Resurface + mattify your skin

5 min in-shower treatment for a quick skin fix

Cruelty-free and ZERO nasties (I guess this means natural…?)

Macadamia and Bamboo will gently remove dead skin cells from the surface, while fruit acids will clear oily debris from deep in your pores. Your skin should feel smooth, clean and mattified. Enriched with one of the purest clays in the world, our Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment means business. A combination of Australian antioxidants from botanical oils and AHA-rich fruit extracts it can be used as a flash treatment to detox, exfoliate & resurface, and invigorate your skin all in one go.

Since this is the part of the bundle I’ve been using semi-regularly, it’s about time I give you my thoughts on it.

First of all, it smells like dirt. Yes, it’s made from clay so that’s to be expected, but I didn’t realize exactly how dirt-like the smell would be. I prefer a really scrubby face scrub, and this definitely qualifies. It doesn’t feel harsh or borderline painful like the product we all love to hate, the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I like that the scrubby bits are natural and biodegradable, and I like that it’s cruelty-free. I’m not wholly living a cruelty-free life, but I prefer my products not harm small woodland creatures whenever possible.

I don’t love that they expect you to leave it on your face for five minutes because ain’t nobody got time for that in the morning before work. Yeah, I work from home, but I’m still supposed to be there at a reasonable time.

I also don’t like how it feels after I wash it off. I wash my face before using the scrub, and when I wash it off my skin feels dirty again, like there’s some kind of residue left over. It’s fine once I get out of the shower and dry my face off, but the initial feeling is off-putting.

As for the claims: I’m not sure that it has any impact on the amount of oil my skin produces, but my pores feel tighter and my skin feels smooth, so point there Sand & Sky. Unfortunately, I’ve used much less expensive scrubs that produced the same results.

So, the bottom line is that the product is fine, but nothing groundbreaking. I certainly don’t think it warrants the exorbitant price tag, but if you’re interested in trying it you can get 20% off this weekend using the code BUNNY at checkout.

Have you tried it? Do you think it smells like dirt? Any idea why it costs so damn much?

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