A boring af new collection

I’ve mentioned before how much I hate when brands release the same shit over and over again. It’s like they get so comfortable with their best-selling products that they don’t try anymore. One of the best examples is Benefit with their brow and cheek products, and Nars with their Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer.

Well, guess what Nars just released.

An entire damned collection of Orgasm products.

Now, this is the 2019 Orgasm collection, not to be confused with last year’s Orgasm collection that consisted of a lip balm, a lip lacquer, and a loose illuminating powder.

This year’s collection includes a new shade in the Orgasm family, Super Orgasm! eye roll It’s just a slightly darker shade of pink, not the second coming (GET IT?!).

This collection also includes a palette with a bunch of sparkly bullshit with “orgasm” in the name, blushes of varying sizes, liquid illuminators, lip glosses, the works. They’re attempting to market it as “the shade of a generation”, but like… which generation?

The whole thing is a bit cringe-worthy, and I’m beginning to feel bad for the brand. I’m sure they have good products, but I don’t own any because it’s all so boring. I’d love to see them do something else. Really, anything else. Making another Orgasm collection feels like they’re playing it safe, or worse, they’re just plain lazy.


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