When 90 year-olds do makeup collabs

Ok, I really have no intention of turning this into a primarily beauty news blog, and I’m working on other content, but my friend Becky sent me a link to this collection this morning and I had to share it.

I’ve never heard of this woman and don’t know anything about the brand, but I kind of love it.

Admittedly my initial response was “What the fuck am I looking at?”

Baddie Winkle. It’s kind of a terrible name, but this woman is almost 91 years old and still killing it. Not only does she know how to use Instagram, which is something that eludes people half her age, but she has almost four million followers, and it seems like an intentional thing. She’s just a glam nana living her best life and people are into it, myself included. I followed her. I can’t help it.

The collection with INC.redible cosmetics includes a multi-colored highlighter with Baddie’s face on it, a 90s throwback rollerball lip gloss, and a boob sheet mask that looks like rainbows. Literally, boob rainbows. I wouldn’t exactly call it a cohesive collection, but it sure is funny. And I kind of like the highlighter, though I know I’d never use it.

So you can check out the collection here, and should you decide to purchase, 5% of the proceeds in the month of June, which is Pride month, will go to the Trevor Project, an awesome organization that helps LGBT+ youth who may be struggling with suicidal ideation, gender identity, orientation, etc. I give them money on the regular because I’m a fan of their mission.

Also, it’s almost Pride month. I’m excited about rainbows and parades and honoring our fallen LGBT brothers, sisters and non-binary siblings.


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  1. OMG, her Insta is to DIE for, lol! It’s so good! Thanks for the intro to this “glam nana” as you say, lol! She is something else!

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