Review: Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm

Holy crap, I’m so happy to be done with this product.

I received the mini size in a subscription box (likely Boxycharm) last year, and I’ve been using it pretty consistently since, and it seemed to go on forever. Unfortunately for me, since I really don’t like it.

I’ve mentioned before that I love cleansing oils and balms. I know it sounds weird for someone with oily skin to want to cleanse with oil, but it’s the best thing to break down the long-wearing and waterproof makeup that ends up on my face. I’ve used all different brands, at different price points, and I’ve never found one I dislike quite this much.

First, the smell: it’s a little fruity and floral, but also oily. It’s not unpleasant exactly, but it reminds me of olive oil, and I find that off-putting. Olive oil is for pasta, not my face. I don’t see olive oil in the ingredients, but there are other types of oils associated with cooking, like sunflower oil.

The texture: I expect cleansing balms to be… well, balmy. This stuff is really hard, and the full size comes with a spatula because it’s difficult to scoop out without a tool. It also doesn’t soften with the heat of my hands; it stays chunky and it’s difficult to spread evenly on my face. It’s not easy to remove makeup with chunks instead of a smooth oil.


Speaking of removing makeup, this doesn’t do that good a job. It works pretty well for foundation, even the long-wearing kind, but it leaves something to be desired with waterproof mascara. Honestly, it doesn’t even remove regular mascara that well. I always end up with black stuff under my eyes when I’m done, even when I double cleanse. I end up scrubbing my eyes, and that’s bad.

Oh, and not double cleansing is not an option with this product. It leaves an oily residue on my skin, even after emulsifying and rinsing. The first time I used it I was lazy and just used a makeup wipe afterward, and my whole jawline broke out. It was not cute and I was not impressed. I’ve used those makeup wipes for years and never had a problem, so it was definitely the balm.

Needless to say, I will not be repurchasing this product. I can get better balms for less money, and they actually do the job they’re made to do.

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