Review: Maybelline Dream Urban Cover foundation

I’ve been acquiring an almost troubling number of foundations recently.

Not intentionally of course, but companies just keep releasing things I’m interested in. I’m still searching for that holy grail, ride or die product, so when there are new releases that catch my eye, I can’t help thinking, “This could be the one.”

Of course, it’s not that serious. It’s just makeup after all, but I think we’re all looking for that perfect base product: one that looks good when it’s applied, lasts throughout the day, and for us oily ladies, doesn’t make us look like you could fry chicken in our T-zones. This isn’t it for me, but it’s pretty close.


From the manufacturer:

Experience the 1st full coverage makeup, specifically formulated to protect your skin from harmful environmental aggressors. The Dream Urban Cover Full Coverage Foundation SPF 50 by Maybelline is a lightweight foundation that has broad-spectrum SPF 50 and is enriched with antioxidants to protect against pollution. It not only leaves a natural-looking finish but protects skin day after day.

I’m not really sure how this foundation protects from “harmful environmental aggressors”, but it does feel light on my skin. I’m not a full coverage person so I don’t use much and apply it with a sponge to sheer it out a bit. It looks good when its applied and doesn’t settle into lines or emphasize texture. It does tend to look a little dry around my nose once it dries and I set it with powder, but that doesn’t last long.

It looks really natural, like my skin but better. Dan didn’t even notice I was wearing makeup until I blew my nose and the tissue was orange. So yeah, it does transfer, but only when I aggressively touch or rub my face. I’ve worn this a few times now, and every time it’s still looked good after 10-12 hours. I like that there’s SPF in the product so I don’t have to remember to add it. I don’t know about flashback because it’s not a thing I think about. I’m just happy it didn’t look like a disgusting mess by the end of the day. I was oily but it didn’t slide around or break down.

So overall I do like it, but it’s not quite the right color and the shade range is abysmal (16 shades total). At $12.99 it’s also the most expensive foundation Maybelline currently makes. It can be acquired at a cheaper price from Amazon, but I’ve gotten more wary of purchasing makeup or skincare from that site.

While the shade range, lack of oil absorbing powers and relatively easy transfer keep it from being a holy grail for me, it’s still a nice foundation. If you have normal skin and can find your shade, you may love it.

Have you tried this yet? What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Review: Maybelline Dream Urban Cover foundation

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  1. Oh Teresa, I’ve tried this very foundation, I didn’t like it as I need a bit more coverage. You have peaches and cream type skin, I have more uneven blotchy skin and there was absolutely NO coverage. I did better with the L’Oreal BB cream.

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    1. You wouldn’t believe it, but the peaches and cream is an illusion. I have ruddy cheeks and freckles and some sun damage because I never wore sunscreen until I was in my 30s, but I don’t mind some of it coming through.

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