Time for some disappointing products!

I’m spending this year attempting to be more conscious of the things I buy, but I’ve still purchased some things. Some of these things have been disappointing. I’d like to talk about them, and maybe you can learn from my mistakes.

Everything I’ve tried from Kopari Beauty

During the Christmas clearance sale I bought a kit that included a cleansing oil, a toner and a face cream. The cleansing oil is really thin and runny and falls out of my hands before I can get it on my face. It also leaves a greasy residue. I hate that. The toner is fine but doesn’t feel like it does anything for my skin. Despite the claims that the face cream is lightweight and won’t clog my pores, it is not, and it did. I broke out like a 16 year old before prom. No. Bad. Never again.

Flesh Firm Flesh Thickstick foundation

I bought this when Ulta had it on sale for $12 and was giving bonus points for the brand. It was nearly free. I still regret purchasing it. It’s not the right color, which is partly my fault and partly the brand’s fault. I’m light-medium neutral in basically every foundation line, and this one it was way too light. The photos on Ulta’s website are so dark, it’s ridiculous. Even if it was the right shade, it’s a garbage formula. It looked dry and chalky on my oily face in the middle of summer at an outdoor event. I don’t know who could possibly wear it. Also, it’s minuscule. It’s the size of a Milk deluxe sample. For reference, the second photo in my Instagram post compares it to my Makeup Revolution and Colourpop foundation sticks. Seriously, screw this foundation.

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick 2 in JK Magic

This is the single most expensive lipstick I’ve ever purchased. I’m a little chagrined about it, to be honest. I like the formula a lot, and the packaging is… omg. It’s an absolutely gorgeous lipstick, inspired by JK Rowling, but the color looks ghastly on me. For some reason it looks almost Barbie pink on me, and it completely washes me out. I’m keeping it until I die, of course, but I’ll likely never wear it.

Ciate London Jessica Rabbit eyeshadow palette

Ughhhh this palette. It’s legitimately garbage. I’m so bitter about it.

I’ve used it twice. It took so much work. I don’t like fussy eyeshadows, and I don’t want to spend 10 minutes building up each color just to get it to show up on my eyes. I used the shimmer shades with my finger instead of a brush and it was fine, but the purple shimmer shade already has hard pan. I’m so mad. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but it makes me want to punch Ciate.

Cannuka CBD Calming Eye Balm

This was like my toe in the water with CBD products, and I’m not sure about it. It’s a super emollient and hydrating balm so I can’t wear it under makeup, and that’s fine. I just haven’t seen any of the benefits promised from CBD and mannuka honey. My eyes are moisturized, and that’s about it. It’s no better or worse than my other eye creams.

Lime Crime Venus XL 2 eyeshadow palette

This is my first, and likely my last, palette from Lime Crime. It’s not that it’s bad. The quality is good, things build and blend and whatever. It’s just too muted not what I expected it to be. I also don’t think it’s worth the price. They could have done so much with the earthy color scheme and they let me down.

First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Water cream

This was a surprise. I generally like First Aid Beauty skincare, and it seems like a thing I should love. A lightweight, moisturizing gel. Great for oily folks in the summer. But no. There’s no moisture here. Regardless of the face wash and other products I used with it, my skin still felt tight and dehydrated. When my skin is dehydrated, it produces more oil. That’s bad. I’ve gone back to my holy grail snail moisturizer and it’s so much better. It’s also like half the price.

Dove 0% Aluminum deodorant

I first started using this a few months ago, and it’s basically the worst. I’m not someone who sweats profusely unless I’m in the sun or running around outside. I definitely don’t sweat sitting in my office working in the air conditioning, but with this stuff I feel constantly damp in the pit region, and I stink after a couple hours. By the end of the day it’s really bad, to the point where I wouldn’t leave my house or hug someone without some b.o. mitigation. I’ve been using natural deodorant for almost a year now, so it’s not the whole detox thing; I think this deodorant just sucks. Dan has used it a few times because he prefers my deodorant, and he complains about how it’s basically lotion. At this point I don’t think he’s wrong. I bought two of them because they were on sale, and now I have to use them, but I don’t want to.

Have you tried any of these things? Made any disappointing purchases lately?

6 thoughts on “Time for some disappointing products!

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  1. This is a great informative post Teresa! I almost bought that Dove deodorant, because I’ve been a loyal Dove deodorant user for years. I happened to see it and thought I’d give it a try, but somehow my senses told me to just buy my regular deodorant, and thank goodness I did. After reading your review I’m not going to bother! 😉

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      1. I know, I switched to Dove about ten years back because I use to use Secret. But I think they might have changed their formula because it started to make me itch real bad. So I found my new fave Dove.


  2. Great info! I’ve been really wanting the JK Magic lippie cuz ya know… JK Rowling… but it’s pricey and I’m terrified that it’s going to look terrible on me! I’m waiting for a time when I can go in and swatch it and see if I like the color and formula to see if I will be able to pay the money for it.

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    1. I really like the formula. My skin is just too olive-y for the shade. I also bought the Jennifer Anniston one. I don’t have any particular affinity for her, but the color looks a lot better on me. And I got it during the VIB sale with a gift card so I’m a little less disgusted with myself for spending that kind of money on a lipstick 😂

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