Hey… remember me?

Oh hi.

I’ve been gone for awhile.

After my uncle died I went into a bit of a funk. And by funk I mean full-fledged depression. It wasn’t all related to his death; I found a new doctor in Albany and we’ve been messing with my meds a bit, plus the change in weather, the holidays, work stuff (including a trip to Texas), yada yada. It’s just been a lot. When I’m not working or traveling back and forth from Rochester (which is a thing we’ve been doing a ton), I really don’t want to do anything. I’ve been reading a lot of books and avoiding human contact, other than Dan. Even having my bird demand my attention gets to be too much for me.


I’m coming out of this funk a little at a time. I spent this week in Florida with Dan’s oldest sister and her kids, and I’ve gotten to spend a bunch of time with my bff and her wife, and it’s been good. Things haven’t totally gone according to plan, but sometimes that happens. I’m leaving here early tomorrow morning to head home, but I drove so I won’t get there until Sunday. I already can’t wait to get there. Not that I don’t love road trips. I could have flown for this trip and chose not to. It gives me lots of time to think and opportunities to see cool stuff, like armadillos in Florida. I did not know that was a thing, but I saw one at a gas station this week. I thought it was a deformed opossum.

Anyway, enough of my random bullshit. I have other stuff I want to tell you about, for the first time in months! There’s some paranormal stuff from Austin, plus book reviews and road trip stories, and it’s the holidays so be prepared for an anti-haul. Oh, and Coastal Scents just sent me a big pile of things to try, so I’ll be reviewing some palettes and brushes soon. I’ve never used their products so that’ll be fun.

It’s really nice to be feeling more like myself, and getting back into the mindset I need to blog. Content is happening friends.

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  1. No judgment here. My doc said it takes 6-9 months to get through grieving. It took the full 9 for me to start seeing the positive again after my boss died. We’ll still be here when you come back!

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