Goals for 2020

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not really into resolutions, but I’m setting a few goals for myself for the coming year. They’re pretty straightforward.

Blog more

This is obvious and self-explanatory. I like blogging. It makes me happy. I should make it more of a priority.

Go new places

Since moving to Albany I’ve become a creature of habit. I’ve found a bunch of places I enjoy, like coffee shops, restaurants and parks, and rather than continuing to explore I’ve just gone to all of the same places for the last year. I need to stop that. Traveling and exploring are some of my favorite things, and I need to apply that same sense of adventure to the city I live in.

Stop wasting so much time.

I’ve mentioned time management before, and I’m getting better about planning my days and whatever, but I still find myself losing valuable time in social media holes, or spacing out in front of YouTube. It’s gotten to be a really bad habit. Also, social media is a cesspool and I shouldn’t spend so much time looking at it.

Stop spending money on stupid shit.

Last year I made an effort to not spend money on beauty things I didn’t need. I wasn’t entirely successful, but I did an ok job. This year I’d like to focus on general spending. I buy so much stuff that I don’t need and don’t end up using. Some examples: coffee mugs, tea and tea accessories, books (not that books aren’t useful, but I have sooooo many I haven’t even read), random clothing items, candles, you get the idea. I need to work on that.

Use my planner

I bought a really nice planner last month and I’ve actually been using it. That alone is a huge step for me, but this year I’d like to expand my use and maybe start scheduling time for things other than work and meetings and appointments. I think it would be really awesome if I could start planning time to read, or blog, or be able to look at my day and clearly see how many free hours I had to play with. I mean, isn’t that the whole point of a planner?

Stop talking myself out of new or potentially difficult things

I’ve been working on this one for a long time. There are things that I want to do, some big and some small, that I talk myself out of because it might be too hard, or I’m not good enough, or someone might judge me. I don’t know why I do this. These aren’t things I worry about in my everyday life, but when it comes to new things or different things, I’m plagued with doubt. I’m about tired of it.

Make some local friends.

This is so huge. It’s difficult because I work from home, and most of the activities I enjoy like reading and writing, are solitary, but it’s not impossible. I’ve just made very little effort to meet people in Albany. Only seeing and talking to Dan for days at a time isn’t good for me, nor is being alone all the time. Time to figure something out.

So there we go, the quick and dirty version of my 2020 goals. What would you like to accomplish in the coming year?

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  1. Great list! I don’t do resolutions for the new year. I tend to make goals and start on them whenever they hit, which is rarely the beginning of a year. That said, I need to get back to good health, which includes better eating, more consistent workouts, sleeping better, and getting my stress and anxiety wrangled better, all of which will hopefully keep illness outside my door, give me more energy and focus, and bring my weight back into my “happy” range again. I’m currently down with the flu, so this “resolution” is pretty top of mind.

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