Dudes named Chris will get you every time

In a complete departure from what you're used to seeing here, today I'd like to talk about a hot dude named Chris. You may also know him as Andy Dwyer, lead singer of Mouserat. https://youtu.be/NqZMcvd0yjo I'm having some feelings about this today. You might have heard of this Chris. He's been in some big budget... Continue Reading →

Here’s some random shit about me

Y'all know I watch a lot of YouTube, and lately, there's been this trend where YouTubers "react" to our assumptions about them. I like this in theory, but I suspect most of them don't react to a lot of our actual assumptions about them. I'm talking about the rude/dirty/financial things we assume about them. I wish they... Continue Reading →

Do you believe in ghosts?

Once again I know I'm coming at you out of left field, but this is something I've spent a lot of time thinking about. Not just recently but for my entire life. I can remember being little, not more than 6 or 7, and bringing home a book from the school library called Wait Till Helen Comes about a... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about: Ebates

Did you all know that there's a site that gives you actual, human money back for shopping online? It's not a gimmick or a scam. They just give you money back. Yeah, it's Ebates. I feel like this is an ideal time of year to talk about it, since any reasonable person wants to avoid... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about: dermaplaning

At this point, I feel like I know you guys and we're pals, so I hope we can be honest with each other. So let's be honest about dermaplaning: it's the socially acceptable way for a woman to shave her face. Don't get me wrong; as a woman of Mediterranean descent who was basically born with... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about: Essence

Where has this brand been all my life? It's been popular in Germany for the last 15ish years but I only started seeing it in Ulta a few months ago. To be honest I completely overlooked it; how could a brand this cheap make anything worth buying? That's the part I still haven't figured out. Over the... Continue Reading →

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