MOTD: can’t wait for bed edition

This morning I woke up ridiculously early (for me), took a shower and put on real pants (meaning not sweats or pajamas). All so that I could have breakfast with some friends who were in town unexpectedly and not smell bad doing it. It was nice, but I don't like being conscious before 8. Admittedly,... Continue Reading →

Get to Know Teresa’s Big O(pinion)

Another fun thing that my blog friend Heather did was interview ME! She’s lovely and funny, and when she rolled up, guns out, ready to throw down about MLMs, she did it in such a respectful and logical way that I was impressed. Thus she is now the unofficial devil’s advocate for my posts 😂

Hopelessly Heather

Teresa.jpg Photo by Teresa’s Big O(pinion)

After I started my blog, I went searching for other bloggers in the same niche and Teresa’s Big O(pinion) was the first one I ever commented on.  She was blasting MLM companies and I jumped into the shark tank of commenters to offer my opposing point of view.  Imagine my surprise when she greeted me with open arms! And that is how our blogger/social media friendship began!

A few weeks ago she invited me to be interviewed on her new podcast, Plenty of Dating Advice, after reading the short version of how I met my husband.  While trying to figure out a mutually convenient time to do the interview, I asked if I could interview her.  Graciously, she agreed…and here we are!

Teresa is my favorite kind of lifestyle/beauty blogger.  She is opinionated, intelligent and snarky.  She is unapologetic for who she…

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Tiny life update at 1 am

It is 12:42 am EST, and I'm still sitting at my computer. A lot has gone down in the past week at my job and there are some major changes coming, so I've been trying to devote as much of my time and energy to that as possible. In addition, I'm still trying to move.... Continue Reading →

Another Sunshine Blogger Award!

This is going to sound really bad, but I love winning awards. Partly because I like the accolades and partly because I like seeing the questions other bloggers ask. The Rules The guidelines for this award are straightforward. Thank the blogger(s) that nominated you in the post and link back to their blog Answer the... Continue Reading →

Hey blogger friends, read this!

Hello lovely bloggers! I'd like to start having the occasional guest post on my blog, and since you're all wonderful, intelligent, eloquent people, I thought I'd ask you first. I'm looking for beauty, books, paranormal, travel... basically the same kinds of topics you see on my blog already. Maybe we can trade posts? If you're... Continue Reading →

Wow. Just wow.

It's been a little over six months since I claimed this corner of the internet as my own, and it's been a wonderful, occasionally stressful, overall awesome journey for me. I now can't imagine my life without this site and the WordPress community. I was just notified that I've received 1,000 Likes on my posts.... Continue Reading →

Thrifting and laundry

I am fried, it's practically impossible to focus, and this is what I did today. I hate laundromats with a passion, but since there aren't laundry facilities in Dan's little Michigan house, my options were to get over my hatred or go commando in dirty clothes. I chose the former option. Despite it being the... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!!

Dear Readers,  I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Or a belated happy Chanukah. Or whatever winter solstice celebration you prefer.  The last few months writing this blog have been challenging, a little stressful thanks to my lack of time management skills, but also extremely rewarding. I feel like I'm part of... Continue Reading →

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