Let’s talk about: self-care

I'm sure you noticed that I was having kind of a rough day yesterday. I was having all of the feelings, not least among them was impotent rage, and today hasn't been much better. Luckily I only needed to work for about four hours, so I spent the rest of my day trying to take... Continue Reading →

Flotation therapy

I've been meaning to post about flotation therapy/sensory deprivation for a few months. Let me start at the beginning: a couple years ago I was wandering around the trendy part of my city, and I walked by this place called Body Mind Float Center. I was on my way to the amazing chocolate shop across... Continue Reading →

Mental health

TW: I'm going to be talking about some serious mental health issues, suicide included. If you find this triggering, stop now. "Mental health" has been in the news a lot lately. I'm not going to touch on that because the events prompting these conversations are extremely sad and I'm not prepared to discuss the many... Continue Reading →

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