Weekend in Boston!

As the title says, I’m in Boston! I’ve been here for the past several days, and I had planned to schedule a bunch of posts while I was on the train on my way out here, but thanks to some loony old woman and slightly spotty wifi service that didn’t work out. I also haven’t... Continue Reading →

Where’s Teresa?

Road trip! I'm heading a few hundred miles Southeast for a work trip, and every time I drive through upstate New York I'm amazed by how beautiful it is, especially in the early fall when the leaves are just starting to change.  Only a few more hours...

$1 makeup and sheet masks?

Thanks to ThaTaylaa, I've discovered a site that sells makeup, sheet masks and accessories for $1 each. For real. She made a video showing a bunch of stuff she purchased and doing a first impression, which inspired me to place a whopping $12 order. When the stuff arrives I'll show off my haul and let you... Continue Reading →

Bath and Body Works SALE!! 

Can we all agree that Bath and Body Works candles are the greatest? Ok, good. Now that we've established that, all of their 3-wick candles are $10 off RIGHT NOW, and using code FALLFRESH gets you $10 off a $30 order. That's basically a free candle. You're welcome.

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