All aboard the struggle bus! Or boat. Or train. It’s your choice.

It's been brought to my attention that it's November 12, and I've only posted twice in this entire month. Not that I necessarily needed the reminder because, as any writer/blogger/creative type knows, when we aren't creating, we're thinking about creating. Stressing about it. Allowing it to hang over our heads like big grey storm clouds.... Continue Reading →

Flotation therapy

I've been meaning to post about flotation therapy/sensory deprivation for a few months. Let me start at the beginning: a couple years ago I was wandering around the trendy part of my city, and I walked by this place called Body Mind Float Center. I was on my way to the amazing chocolate shop across... Continue Reading →

Mental health

TW: I'm going to be talking about some serious mental health issues, suicide included. If you find this triggering, stop now. "Mental health" has been in the news a lot lately. I'm not going to touch on that because the events prompting these conversations are extremely sad and I'm not prepared to discuss the many... Continue Reading →

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