Paranormal storytime: I think my new place might be haunted

We've been living in this apartment for a few months now, and not to be alarmist, but I think it might be a tiny bit haunted. Not in a scary way, just in a "Huh, that's odd" way. We live north of Albany proper in a town called Cohoes, in the "downtown" area. It only... Continue Reading →

Halloween collections

There's been a lot of emphasis on and hype around holiday collections this year. Multiple brands were releasing their Christmas collections in late August or early September; not only is that WAY too early but it also ignores an extremely important makeup centric holiday. Seems kinda asinine to me, but not every brand has forsaken... Continue Reading →

I’ve waited 11 months for this

Get excited you creepy bitches, IT'S OCTOBER!! I'm pumped, can you tell? October means Halloween decorations, candy, ghosts stories, scary movies; basically the things I live for. I also have to make it home at least once this month, not only to see my family and friends but also to gorge myself on my mom's... Continue Reading →

The Halloween tag!

I saw this tag on a blog I follow, Kat's Chats; make sure you check out her post. I'm finding that I really enjoy doing these tags. I'm new here so it's a good way to get to know me, and it gives me an easy topic for a post. Now that I've been doing... Continue Reading →

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