Buying used makeup: gross or genius?

I bought used makeup. I know, the idea is a little gross. Don't worry, I didn't buy a bunch of used makeup from some rando on eBay; a few months ago I was watching some YouTube channel (likely thataylaa), and they mentioned a site called Glambot that sells used makeup. I was a little skeeved... Continue Reading →

NASA and space makeup

I've been meaning to talk about this since the first time I saw it on Twitter. The idea of a bunch of (male) NASA engineers sitting around a table trying to figure out what women might want to put on their faces or use during their periods is, honestly, hilarious. I have this picture in... Continue Reading →

Gross ingredients in makeup?

I don't spend much time reading news about makeup, primarily because there's so much other stuff in the news that takes precedence, but when I see a story like this that claims no additional asbestos was found in Claire's children's makeup, I tend to pay attention. So let's break this down: late last month, a CNN affiliate in... Continue Reading →

My wish list

I've seen a bunch of these posts recently, and my boyfriend has been asking me incessantly what I want for Christmas, so I decided to sit down and think about what I actually want. I'm the kind of person who'll typically buy myself something if I want it, so this is kind of hard for... Continue Reading →

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