Another New Year, still same Teresa

Oh, hi. It's been awhile since we chatted, so let's catch up on some stuff. I started school, joined a coworking/networking space to maybe make some friends (virtual for now, but someday in real life), bought a new car, I'm job hunting, making more of an effort to plan things (like projects and study time),... Continue Reading →

New year, same me

Happy New Year internet friends. The holiday season for me has been filled with fun, travel, and the people I love. Including many children, which means that now I'm quite sick and likely won't be awake at midnight. I can count on one hand the number of times I've been healthy on NYE in the... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

It's about that time folks.  This year has been... well, interesting covers it I guess. It's a year I needed to live through to grow and junk. This blog has been a big part of that growth; it's reminded me that I'm actually a creative person and I have things to say. That's important to... Continue Reading →

Beauty-related resolutions

I'm not normally the New Year's Resolutions type, but I feel like I really need to get my act together when it comes to my beauty collection. It's getting ridiculous. Wear makeup every day - I'm not currently doing this, which is insane because I have so much. With any luck, wearing makeup every day... Continue Reading →

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