I missed a pretty important piece of news yesterday

Morphe is releasing a foundation later this month. In 60 shades. SIXTY. SHADES. OF FOUNDATION.  They're calling it Fluidity Foundation and it's supposed to be matte and full coverage with 24-hour transfer and water resistant wear for all skin types. And it's $18. Um. Wut. I don't understand. Am I dreaming? This is like everything... Continue Reading →

News! About beauty things!

I know that I don't talk about news on the daily and that there are plenty of other ways to get your beauty news (like maybe the YouTube channel Beauty News, which I love. Those Aussie ladies are my homegirls), but in the last 24 hours there have been some stories that I found interesting... Continue Reading →

Beware! There’s death in everything!

If you're anything like me and mildly obsessed with Asian beauty products, you're likely also always concerned about what's actually in the stuff you're slathering all over your face. Enter Allure to confirm our worst fears: apparently dangerous levels of mercury have been found in skincare products being sold on Amazon and eBay. Lovely. According... Continue Reading →

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