Shopping page updates!

Hi folks! If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with the coming shopping craze I may be able to help. I've updated my Shopping page with sale information and codes for some of my favorite sites. I hope you find it helpful, and try not to get trampled!

Bath and Body Works SALE!! 

Can we all agree that Bath and Body Works candles are the greatest? Ok, good. Now that we've established that, all of their 3-wick candles are $10 off RIGHT NOW, and using code FALLFRESH gets you $10 off a $30 order. That's basically a free candle. You're welcome.

Body Shop sale!

If you're a fan of The Body Shop, another of their Buy 3 Get 3 Free sales starts today. There are some exclusions, because aren't there always, but it's still a great deal if you like Body Shop products. I personally really like their seaweed line. It's good for oily skin, and I think the... Continue Reading →

Guys. SALES!!

So it's Labor Day weekend here in the US and since I know you're not here for a history lesson I'll spare you the stories about the fight for the five-day work week and workplace safety measures after the Triangle fire. We'll talk about makeup instead, and some of the glorious sales happening this weekend.... Continue Reading →

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