Happy Pride! I was in the mountains. I used some things.

It's June! That means Pride month and rainbows for everyone! But really it's a lot more than that, like the recognition of those who've fought and literally died for the right to live authentically and love openly. Stonewall was 50 years ago, and sometimes that's forgotten in the haze of glitter and balloons and drag... Continue Reading →

I’m home. It’s cold.

Hello, my dear internet friends. Did you miss me? I've been home from my vacation for a few days and attempting, mostly in vain, to get back into the swing of real life. I worked, sort of successfully. I've been trying to get my house in order, completely unsuccessfully. Really the only thing I've been... Continue Reading →

It’s wedding week!

Like I mentioned last night, I'm in Florida. My best friend/wife for life is getting married this weekend, and I'm here to help her do tasks and not panic. I arrived Monday afternoon and so far, so good. If you're interested in seeing random photos from my travels with mildly entertaining captions, follow me on... Continue Reading →


I promised you some photos and commentary from my trip to Sarasota, and here it is. Finally. The whole point of my visit, aside from spending time with my lovely, darling friend Sarah, was to start talking wedding with her and her gorgeous fiance, Jess. We checked out the venue, talked logistics, brainstormed and ate... Continue Reading →

Road trip advice!

If you've been paying attention, you'll know that I drove from my home in western NY to visit my bestie and her future wife in Sarasota, Florida. After my glorious week in the sunshine, I drove back to Michigan to spend another few weeks in the frozen, rural tundra with Dan. The entire trip took... Continue Reading →

Michigan adventures

As my first Michigan adventure comes to a close, I want to share some of the cool and weird things I did while I was here. My very first Meijer I've heard about Meijer a lot on the interwebs, but we don't have them at home so I was super excited to visit the store... Continue Reading →

Taking a tiny vacation

Greetings internet friends! The weather here, like a lot of places, has been utterly ghastly; I think the temperature with wind chills topped out at around -19 degrees Fahrenheit today. Very, VERY cold. I went outside for about 90 seconds to get my mail and regretted it immediately. Because of the snow and the cold... Continue Reading →

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