Holiday anti-haul: drugstore edition

Am I too late in the Christmas season to talk about products I don't want? Yes? Oh well, you're getting another anti-haul anyway. I know that I talked about some inexpensive products in my Ulta anti-haul, but there's more drugstore stuff that's been released that I feel personally victimized by. Mostly because they're pointless, gimmicky... Continue Reading →

I freaking love Walgreens

I don't typically like drugstores. Most of them (around here anyway) are old and a little grungy. I go in for cold medicine and prescriptions and then get the hell out. Walgreens is different, and I weirdly love being in my local store. It's bright, clean, the employees are helpful and I always feel like... Continue Reading →

Guys. SALES!!

So it's Labor Day weekend here in the US and since I know you're not here for a history lesson I'll spare you the stories about the fight for the five-day work week and workplace safety measures after the Triangle fire. We'll talk about makeup instead, and some of the glorious sales happening this weekend.... Continue Reading →

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