The Beauty Consumer tag

Occasionally I see a tag somewhere that catches my eye and makes me think, “Hey, that’s a bandwagon I should jump on.” This tag was created by Nineties LoveChild, one of my favorite small creators on YouTube. This is not her actual name, but I won’t insult her by attempting to spell her name. She... Continue Reading →

Makeup collection tag!

You all know that I spend too much time watching YouTube, and one of my favorite beauty YouTubers is Georgia Harris. She's cool as hell, and a little weird, and she likes Pokemon and beanies and I'm into it. She's not your typical cookie cutter influencer and that's a big part of her appeal. Anyway,... Continue Reading →

Oh, Tati

Happy Sunday friends! I hope you've had a fantastic weekend and, unlike me, are ready to face the week tomorrow. I've spent my weekend taking care of business (meaning washing makeup brushes) and spending time with family. I hadn't planned to comment on this, but I can't help myself. Now, I don't watch Tati's channel.... Continue Reading →

Feminism and the beauty community

We can't talk about feminism without giving a nod to our foremothers; Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Ida B. Wells, and the hundreds of other women who devoted their lives to making the world a better place for women, children and minorities. Susan B. Anthony spent her adulthood in the city where I currently... Continue Reading →

YouTube: yes or no?

I've talked myself into and then back out of making videos about a dozen times every day for the last few weeks. I have reservations about it, and I was hoping that we could talk it out. I don't know why I suddenly feel like videos are a thing I should do. Could it be... Continue Reading →

Favorite YouTubers of 2017

I watch a lot of YouTube. Like, A LOT. At this point, I watch YouTube almost exclusively when Dan is working and we're not watching a show together. So I have a lot of favorite channels, and they're not all beauty related so get ready. Beauty News Two Aussies, Hailey (the blonde) and Kat (the... Continue Reading →

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