It’s almost Black Friday! Get excited!

Or not, since the Black Friday “deals” I’m seeing so far are basically the same as the past five or so years.

Don’t get me wrong; Ulta has a couple notable deals on their preview page. There are a bunch of what I think of as beginner sets: big kits with craploads of eyeshadows, lip products, eyeliners, cheek products, basically a complete makeup starter kit. They’re not great quality, but it’s a good deal for someone who doesn’t really know what they’re into yet. Here are a few other highlights:

Yes, there are other things, but based on factors like brand and price, I don’t think they’re even worth mentioning. Also, there isn’t a single thing on this list that I’m interested in buying, and it’s not just because my collection is already ridiculous. I can imagine getting some brushes or one of the Glow Kits as a gift, but it’s not that insane “OMG BLACK FRIDAY!!” feeling I’ve had before. I suppose they could still surprise me since this is just a “preview”, supposedly, but my hopes aren’t high.

I also looked at some Sephora Black Friday deals, but they’re doing some gimmicky thing with the app and the only thing they’re showing right now is those mini kits. They have a bunch of them for $15. Woo?

Have you guys found any insanely good deals from other places? Are you as blah about the beginning of shopping season as I am? As always, I want to hear what you think!

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