Sephora to begin offering beauty classes to the trans and nonbinary community

Good things are happening at Sephora.

If you haven’t heard about their Classes for Confidence, the series is part of the Sephora Stands social impact strategy. They also emphasize giving and sustainability, and there’s a program for women entrepreneurs.

The Classes for Confidence are complimentary, in-store 90-minute classes for people going through a transition; originally launched to give people going through cancer treatments a confidence boost, the classes have expanded to include people re-entering the workforce, and as of today, transgender and nonbinary individuals. The classes will be hosted by trans Sephora employees, and the first class was held today in New York City. Classes in other locations will begin in June.

I’m so excited about this. No, I’m not transgender. Yes, I am a straight presenting cis woman. I can’t speak for the trans community or their experience, but I imagine that this kind of training class and knowing that Sephora is a safe, welcoming space makes transitioning just a teeny, tiny bit less stressful. I imagine walking into Sephora as a transitioning woman can be an extremely intimidating experience. And learning how to apply makeup doesn’t just come naturally; these are skills we learn from the women around us, but not everyone is lucky enough to have a supportive network of women to teach them these things. YouTube tutorials can’t teach everything.

So yeah, I think it’s awesome. It’s extra awesome that they’re having trans castmembers teach classes. Good on you Sephora.

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