Makeup myths you should stop believing

Last week I posted about makeup ‘rules’ for women over 40. I had much disdain for the article and the person who wrote it.

This week I stumbled across this gem, also from Reader’s Digest, and I thought we should talk about it.

Myth #1: Concealer should be lighter than your skin tone.

Supposedly using concealer lighter than your skin tone to cover undereye circles just makes it look ashy and blue, so you should choose a concealer that’s the same shade as your skin.

I don’t necessarily think this is true; I’ve seen a lot of undereye darkness covered by a light concealer, and it brightens up the whole face. If you’ve got serious darkness, try a color correcting concealer first, and follow up with a concealer that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone. The only time I’d recommend using a concealer that matches your skin is if you’re covering up acne or something.

Myth #2: Always line your lips before applying lipstick.

Lining the lips prevents feathering, but once the lipstick wears off you’ll just see a ring of liner, and that’s not cute. She recommends applying lipstick first and then using the liner so it all wears off together.

I don’t buy any of this; you don’t always need a liner. You don’t need to only line your lips. I use a nude or clear liner, and I put it all over my lips, sort of like a primer. I’ve noticed that it helps cream lipsticks last longer and liquid lipsticks aren’t as drying with this method.

Myth #3: Pumping your mascara wand helps spread the product.

All this does is push air into the tube and dry out your mascara faster.

I’m with the author here; don’t do this.

Myth #4: Apply concealer before foundation.

Applying foundation on top of concealer can wipe away the coverage. Also, if you’re already wearing foundation, you might not need as much concealer.

She’s right about this one too, unless you’re using a colored concealer. In that case, colored concealer comes first, then foundation, then regular concealer if you still need it.

Myth #5: Dust your whole face with bronzer to look tan.

Putting bronzer everywhere is the same as using a setting powder that’s way too dark. You get that horrible orange line on your face that delineates your face from your neck. Instead, apply bronzer to the places where the sun would naturally hit your face.

I’m with her here too. Please, for the love of Cthulhu, don’t do this.

Myth #6: All natural products are the safest.

Even natural products have ingredients that can irritate the skin. What’s healthiest and safest for you might not be the overpriced products from the health food store.

She makes an excellent point, and I’d like to add that not only are natural products not the safest, but they also might not be the best quality. One of my favorite YouTubers, Thataylaa, just did a first impression and wear test for a bunch of natural, “healthy” makeup she got from Whole Foods, and she wasn’t terribly impressed. Also, I love her.

Myth #7: Women over 40 can’t do shimmer.

Here the author quotes a celebrity makeup artist who reiterates what I said last week. If you want to wear shimmer, do it.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that this author is directly contradicting another Reader’s Digest author?

Myth #8: You need foundation for a complete look.

As long as you take good care of your skin you don’t need a full coverage foundation. Try something lighter, like a tinted moisturizer.

I agree with this, but really did anyone ever believe this myth? I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone tell me that I *need* foundation.

Myth #9: Real women can’t pull off a smokey eye.

Here the author quotes another makeup artist and gives instructions for a sexy smokey eye. They recommend using brown shadow for a modern look.

Um… really? Since when is brown modern? Try a red or grey smokey eye. That’s modern. And no one has ever told me that real people can’t wear a smokey eye.

Myth #10: Expensive brands work better.

Her point here is that price doesn’t necessarily determine quality, and a lot of higher end products have the same ingredients as drugstore products.

She’s right that high-end makeup doesn’t always mean better quality. Take the Anastasia Subculture palette for example. She asserts that this also applies to skincare, and I don’t think I believe that.

Myth #11: You don’t need sunscreen if it’s in your foundation.

If you’re going to be outside for more than a few minutes, you need to wear a separate sunscreen. The SPF in foundation is really only sufficient if you don’t go outside. She also says that sunscreen makes a great base for makeup.

The first part of this is correct – wear sunscreen. The bit about it being a great base is total crap. Maybe if you have dry skin it works well as a base, but for the rest of us it’s a constant battle to try and find a sunscreen that won’t make makeup slide off of our faces.

Myth #12: Lip plumpers work.

No they don’t. They just irritate your lips so they temporarily swell.

Anyone who’s worn a lip plumper already knows this.

Myth #13: Makeup harms the skin.

Yes, there are chemicals in makeup that can cause irritation, but the blanket statement that it’s all harmful is incorrect. Makeup protects skin from pollution and some has skincare ingredients. It’s only bad if you don’t wash it off.

Guys, wash your damn makeup off before you go to bed. Come on. I know that it takes time and sometimes you’re just too lazy or drunk, but your skin will thank you.

Did you believe any of these myths?

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