I suck at blogging this month

My fellow bloggers.

Do you ever look at your monthly stats, hate yourself for not posting more often and then remember that everything around you is exploding and you can’t imagine spending more time attached to your computer than you already do?

I don’t want to spend my whole life updating y’all about what’s happening to me personally, or now professionally, but there’s a lot of stuff going on. I used to enjoy a lot of freedom and flexibility with my “real” job and for the most part that is going away, much to the dismay of my many chronic illnesses. It’s extremely difficult for me to work a job like normal people who have all the spoons. Getting out of bed, taking a shower and sitting at a desk in my pajamas is exhausting, and the longer I sit in one place the more pain I end up in. I used to get up, wander around my house, maybe go for a walk or run an errand, and come back to work once my body wasn’t screaming in pain. That’s no longer a thing. I’ve had some meetings and I can do some things to get accommodations but it’s not going to be like it has been for the past three years, and that sucks.

Anyway. That tangent was unintentional.

We’re still moving. It’s never-ending. At this point, I’m living in Albany full time even though we don’t have any furniture. My work setup right now involves a folding table and a camp chair. No joke.

Why yes, there is a bag of trash next to me. Where else am I supposed to put my wrappers and empty water bottles?

It’s probably one of the things that are contributing to me feeling like I was in a bar fight by the time I crawl to bed at night. We brought some of my office furniture back with us on the most recent trip, so I can work in my office and start getting settled for real. I won’t have makeup storage, which is vital, but it’s a start. I’m not looking forward to going back to Rochester to finish next weekend, but it should be the last time we do it.

I’m so, so tired. I need like a month to hang out in my new place, sleep and catch up on things like reading and blogging. It’s not going to happen until at least winter, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m coming up on a year of having this blog and writing semi-consistently. I’m planning to talk about it later, but it’s still mind-boggling. Or maybe my mind is just easily boggled because I’m exhausted. I don’t know where I’m going with this.

Bed. Bed is where I’m going. I shall return, I promise!

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