Makeup and candy

Makeup and candy are two of my favorite things. I really think that my love of Halloween blossomed when I learned that the whole point of the day was free candy, and the love of creepy things came way later.

I also love Asian beauty companies, like Etude House. Not only do most brands use interesting ingredients in their products, but they also have consistently adorable and/or classy packaging, and somehow end up with all of the best brand collabs.

The newest release from Etude House follows this rule: KitKat eyeshadow palettes. Yes, the candy. Yes, they’re fucking adorable.

There are two versions of the palette; Original has six warm neutral shades with matte and shimmer finishes, and Strawberry Tiramisu has six cool matte and shimmer shades with an interesting pink shade.

Included with the purchase of a palette are a makeup bag and candy. Yes, they’re sending you candy with their candy themed makeup.

Not gonna lie, I’m tempted. If I didn’t already have drawers full of warm neutral palettes I’d go for it, smart-buy be damned.


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