Unpopular opinion: I don’t like dudes in the beauty industry

This might be my first really unpopular opinion, but hear me out.

I am not opposed to dudes wearing, enjoying, purchasing or discussing makeup. I actually think it’s kind of great, and I’m encouraged by other countries who are more accepting of it and have cosmetics lines geared specifically for men, like Japan and Korea.

What I don’t like is men in the beauty industry; YouTubers, “influencers”, brand owners, etc.

The beauty industry has been fraught with sexism since its inception; for how many hundred years was it considered slutty and whore-like to wear makeup or dye your hair? It’s ironic that things women did to be more appealing to men were decried by men, and to a certain extent still are. How many times have you heard men complain about makeup being witchcraft or lies? It’s shockingly prevalent on social media.

So if makeup is whorish witchcraft, why are so many men trying to tell us what to wear and influence the industry? I’m thinking about a few people in particular, like the founders of Too Faced, Jeffree Star, James Charles… I could go on, but these dudes are some of the biggest male names in makeup right now. Too Faced is about to release a “mask” called Glow Job, which is a milky pink slimy product full of glitter. With a name like that, I bet you can imagine what it looks like, and they want women to smear this all over their faces? I don’t think so. I’m not about that life. Plus, there’s absolutely no benefit to having glitter in skincare and frankly, it just looks stupid.

Is there no industry that men are comfortable allowing women to dominate? I love that so many women have found success creating brands, like Wende Zomnir with Urban Decay, and Sam and Nic Chapman from Real Techniques. I could also name dozens of YouTubers who’ve started and grown their channels into viable businesses.

It’s also possible that I’m annoyed about these dudes because their brands are generally garbage. I used to be a huge Too Faced fan and have several of their palettes and Better Than Sex mascara used to be my best friend, but in the last few years, the quality has tanked. Some of their recent releases, like the 2017 holiday collection, are just ridiculous, and the quality of the shadows in palettes has really gone down. They’re beating the whole peach thing to death, and if Glow Job is the best idea he’s got left the brand is in trouble. I don’t own anything from Jeffree Star but I’ve never heard anything good about his stuff from anyone who wasn’t connected to him in some way.

So that’s it for this unpopular opinion. What do you guys think?

4 thoughts on “Unpopular opinion: I don’t like dudes in the beauty industry

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  1. Ok that sent before I was finished. That name is so distasteful and disgusting. It is not playful and fun. It is taking things too far and is frankly disrespectful. I think they have ruined their brand with this.

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