The things I don’t like about Christmas

We’re reaching the end of Blogmas, and I thought it only fitting that I mention some things that I don’t like about Christmas.

Really, there’s only one thing: I don’t like when it’s over.

After the fun and festivities of the last few days, today felt a bit anti-climactic. I’m happy to have some time to myself in a quiet place that’s not overflowing with people, but at the same time I’m sad it’s over. I liked being able to see all the people I love and have drinks and see all of the kids with their gifts. It was one of the best Christmases I’ve ever had, and I hope next year is as good.

The good thing about today is that it’s my anniversary; I’ve been with Dan for a whole year already. I can hardly believe it. We decided to be low-key and order takeout and watch The Crown (somehow he’s really into it), and it’s just about the ideal anniversary after the chaos of the last few days. A happy respite before we both go back to work.

There are still a few more days left in this Blogmas, and I’m endeavoring to finish strong. Wish me luck!

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