A gift guide for the Morticia Addams in your life

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that I’m a little… odd. Not like “Stay away from my children” kind of odd, but the kind of odd that might make gift giving difficult. And I have a birthday coming.

The title is a reference to my favorite creepy family matriarch; I’ve always thought of myself as more of a Wednesday, but Morticia is undoubtedly the classier of the two. Morticia is what every Wednesday should aspire to.

Anyway, I decided to make this list not only for my friends, family, and boyfriend but also because I want to showcase some of my favorite weird/creepy/odd stuff.*


Oh, clothing… the perfect way to display your next level creepiness for all the world to see.


Fright Rags – Starting off with a little hometown creepiness; based in Rochester, this company offers t-shirts, socks, pins, etc. of all of my favorite classic and contemporary horror movies and tv shows. I especially love the Evil Dead collection and would love to add a Necronomicon t-shirt to my collection.

Torrid – Ok, I know what you’re thinking: why would someone as cool as me want overpriced, moderately lame plus size clothing? Because they have a Disney Villains collection, obvs. I could write an entire post on why the villains are better than the “good guys” and how objectively terrifying most of them are (Cruella DeVille KILLED PUPPIES to make a coat, y’all. That’s a bad bitch), but I’ll spare you. Just know that I love them, and while this collection is quite small, I’d love it all. I’m also a big fan of the Alice in Wonderland collection. While that’s supposed to be some nice story about a precocious little girl, it’s actually terrifying. All of the animals talk, the adults are insane and she only narrowly escapes decapitation.


Mercury Hour – This is a brand I stumbled across while scrolling through one Facebook group or another, and I was immediately in love. All of the pieces are handmade by an artist by the name of Scarlett C. Dancer using sterling silver and stones with high positive vibes. I don’t necessarily subscribe to the whole crystal thing, but anything is possible and this stuff is gorgeous.

This wonderful artist sent me The High Priestess Necklace in exchange for mentioning the company in this post, and to be honest I likely would have done it for free. This necklace is beautiful and if you know anything about the Tarot you know that this represents the divine feminine. It holds a special place in my heart because the first time I had my cards read, this card came up, and it was a reminder to follow my instincts and trust my intuition. It came in a beautiful box, and it’s even more gorgeous in person.

I have kind of a fat neck so the chain is a little short, but that’s an easy enough thing to remedy. There are so many other pieces from this site that I’d love to own; especially the Cherry Bomb Roulette Earrings that allow you to basically design your own creepy/badass earrings, or the Mulla Dudia Necklace with moths surrounding a Planchette.

The newest collection from Mercury Hour is the Belladonna Collection inspired by Stevie Knicks. Seriously, how much cooler could this jewelry and this company be?

Home Decor

Yes, there’s home decor for horror lovers.


Horror Decor – I already have some really lovely Beetlejuice and The Shining throw pillows, because that’s how I roll. I don’t routinely spend this kind of money on pillows, but nothing gives me more joy than the vaguely unsettled feeling my guests get when they recognize the pattern from the carpet in The Shining. I could receive just about anything from this site and be thrilled, but I desperately want this adorable, cuddly dog pillow (just kidding, it’s the snarling, red-eyed dog from Ghostbusters).

Etsy – We all know how glorious Etsy is, but what you might not know is that it’s a treasure trove of weird, creepy decor.

  • Vlad the Impaler laser engraved wooden poster – Dracula is one of the scariest stories I’ve ever read, and the historical figure the vampire is based on is even more terrifying. I know it’s weird but I think he’s fascinating and I’d absolutely put him on my wall.


  • “Normal people scare me” wooden sign – I know American Horror Story has gotten a little weird over the past few years but I still love it, and I love the font they use. Every time I see it I immediately hear that chilling opening music.
  • Sugar skull print – I’m not usually one to actively ask for sugar skulls; as much as I like them I realize that they have cultural significance for an ethnic group that I don’t belong to. Hello, cultural appropriation. But I really love this print because she looks like a Gibson Girl. This shop has all manner of creepy gothic art printed on pages from old dictionaries. I really love it. And the artist offers Buy 2 Get 1 Free. Deals!

sugar skull

  • The Raven stone coasters – Yes, coasters are a little bit lame and I don’t have any wood furniture that really needs protecting, but these are awesome. Poe is the first “adult” author I read as a kid, and his poems and stories scared the living hell out of me. Especially The Raven. Reading it still gives me the chills. Plus the artwork on these is super pretty.


Hot Topic – I know, but this Supernatural Makeup Brush set is pretty cool. Hot Topic also has some cool eyeshadow palettes that I’d like to add to my collection, but I don’t know enough about the quality to either recommend them or ask for one.


Lunatick Cosmetics – This company specializes in creepy makeup. Some of my favorite items are the Elvira and Vampira eyeshadow palettes. I also really like the Supernatural palette that’s open for pre-order. I realize that $35 is a lot for five colors of eyeshadow but I’ve heard nothing but good things about this brand. I’m also really interested in their Lip Dies, Lipsticks and gear.

I really didn’t intend for this list to get so long, but I couldn’t help it. There are just too many cool and creepy things in the world that I’d like to add to my collection. Do you like creepy things? Anything you like that I’m missing?


*This post is sponsored by Mercury Hour. I didn’t get actual money, but I did receive the gorgeous necklace mentioned in the post.

5 thoughts on “A gift guide for the Morticia Addams in your life

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  1. I think you might like the game Morbid Curiosity. It’s a unique party game about death. It’s not horror but I think Wednesday Addams would approve.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Full disclosure, my partner and I created it and are about to launch two expansion decks. We’re just really not great at the PR side. It’s way fun, particularly if you have other deathlings to play with. Which I’m guessing you do 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sadly you guess wrong… I’m the resident “freak” who talks openly about death.

        It’s awesome that you created a game!


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