Summer anti-haul

It’s been a long time since I posted an anti-haul, and since there’s a ton of stuff that’s either just been released or coming soon, I thought now would be a perfect time. So without further ado, here’s some stuff I won’t be buying.

Besame Cosmetics Sleeping Beauty collection

I’m an unequivocal lover of Disney and have shamelessly purchased many of the Disney themed products that have been released over the last couple of years. I also love Besame, and the amount of research and development that goes into these collections is insane. Having said that, this really isn’t doing it for me. My favorite part of Sleeping Beauty is Maleficent, and since she’s not represented here there’s really nothing for me.

Morphe x Jeffree Star collection

I like Morphe products. I have neutral feelings about Jeffree Star products. I really don’t understand this collab. Jeffree mentioned somewhere, probably on Twitter, that he wanted to do this collab because his brand can’t offer palettes at this price point and he wants to make his products available to everyone. Ok, that makes sense. But what’s with the second round of expensive brushes? And why does everything have to be hot pink? I am interested in the spray though. I’m a sucker for strawberry scented things.

Kylie 22nd Birthday collection

I don’t like Kylie and have zero interest in giving my money to the Kardashians, but I’ve always found her makeup to be bland and really nothing worth talking about. Having said that, I really dislike this collection. It’s money-themed. While not as tacky and classless as the Too Faced x Erika Jayne Pretty Mess collection that came out earlier this year (and is now on clearance, in case you were interested), it’s still pretty gross. We get that you have money sis.

Similarly, the Kylie Jenner by KKW Frangrances

Aside from that whole not giving money to the Kardashians thing, the packaging of these is so creepy. With the Huda lip kits, it makes sense, and the mouth packaging can be disposed of once the products are removed from it. With these, the bottle is a mouth, and you have to take the top lip off to access the spray nozzle. So weird. Not into it.

Too Faced Palm Springs Dreams eyeshadow palette

I thought we were done with the warm neutral palettes with a pop of blue. Apparently, I was wrong, since Too Faced is giving us this and the Gingerbread Extra Spicy palette in their holiday collection. I already own this palette about five times over, from brands I like more than Too Faced. Come on Jerrod, you can do better.

Beauty Bakerie Instabake Aqua Glass Foundation

I’ve never tried this brand, but it interests me. I find the packaging really cute and I like supporting PoC owned brands as much as possible, but I’m not interested in supporting this launch. The shade range is surprisingly limited for any brand, much less one owned by a PoC. If you’re interested in seeing all of the shades and hearing what someone with a deeper skin tone than mine thinks about it, check out Ohemaa Bonsu’s video. I love her, she’s gorgeous, highly recommend.

Pat McGrath Mothership VI: Midnight Sun palette

Pat McGrath’s eyeshadow palettes are SO. DAMN. PRETTY. I have one of the smaller palettes and I love it. I don’t $125 love it though. I’ve considered purchasing one of the bigger Mothership palettes, but I need to be sure I’m going to use every single shade very frequently, and while I find this really pretty, I don’t think it’s the one. It’s on-trend for right now, but I can’t see myself wearing it all the time.

MAC x Pony collection

Pony, aka Park Hye Min, is a Korean model, YouTuber, makeup artist, etc. I’ve never heard of her before now and don’t watch her content, but I do love that a brand like MAC is collaborating with her and highlighting K-beauty and Korean makeup trends. Sadly I find this collection kind of boring, with the neutral palette and pink and red lipsticks. It’s on-trend in Korea, but these are things I have a lot of already. I’m also kind of over the zodiac/celestial/tarot packaging trend.

Violet Voss Vibes palette

I love that so many companies are releasing rainbow and bright-colored palettes. While I don’t personally wear a ton of color, in theory, it’s great. There’s something about this palette that gives me a headache though. Maybe it’s the huge square pans. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a “pressed pigment” palette and thus isn’t safe for use around the eyes. Maybe it’s that it’s all mattes. I don’t know, but I don’t like it.

Kat Von D True Portrait Lightweight Medium foundation

Nope. She’s still canceled.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Vol. 1 palette

People rave about ABH palettes and have for years, but I’ve held off buying one until recently. It’s pretty and I’m liking it. Then I see this behemoth that’s coming out next week. Didn’t they already make a Norvina palette that looked really similar to this? This also has some blues and pinks and yellows, but the color story doesn’t seem very cohesive. It’s also massive. I barely have the space for big Juvia’s Place palettes, much less this beast.

What do you think of these launches? Are you interested in buying any of these things?

8 thoughts on “Summer anti-haul

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  1. Haha, these, all of these are a bit out of my price range. I’m not hard core into Disney, but I do think an entire makeup line should be created around Maleficent. The purples, greens, blacks, dark blues, it would be totes fab!
    What’s up with you cancelling Kat Von D? 🤔😎

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    1. I would absolutely love a Maleficent line. I’d throw all of my money at it.

      KVD is a likely anti-Semite and confirmed anti-vaxxer. I’m an immuno-compromised person who comes from a Jewish family, so I have a problem with both things.

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  2. I’m not really interested in any of these launches either. The Kylie collection is tacky and I think it’s weird for Jefree to collab when he already has a successful brand.
    I hope some of the holiday releases later this year are actually interesting!

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  3. I just read some great news about Jeffree Star! New makeup collection 🙂 Shane Dawson I guess is his partner on this collection. They called the new collection “Conspiracy”. It looks fantastic!


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